Revision Date: 9-4-2019

League Fees

1.      Registration:  $125.00 per team payable to BERC Softball (Due before first game)

2.      2. Umpire Assignment fees:  $25.00 per team payable to Garret Ondeck (Due before first game)


        All players must be registered thru a rec program or have proof of insurance and complete      Baltimore County Parks and Rec. Liability Waiver   



1.      All teams must submit their preliminary roster BY September 4, 2019 @11:59pm.

2.      When changes are made to Roster, it must be turned in 72 hours prior to game for that player to be eligible to play that week. In-eligible players will result in forfeit


Age Groups

Offering the following age groups this year: U12, U14, 16/18

Age determination will be age as of January 1, 2019


      Standings will be kept determining seeding for the tournaments. All games not played will go in as a 7-7 tie, Sunday will be Standing makeup days for all ages.


Standings will be: Games Played, Wins, Loses, Ties, Winning Percentage, Tie Breaker RD

Report scores text: 443-677-1225 OR email:




14, 16, 18U

Base Distance



Pitching Rubber Distance



Stealing Home, or stealing on a walk



Infield Fly



Drop 3rd Strike



Innings Per Game



No new inning after














Schedules and results will be posted on











         If not highlighted in this handout follow 2019 USA SOFTBALL Rule Book.



Ball specifications

11” for U12 and 12” for U14, 16/18 Softballs shall be optical yellow, red laced and clearly stamped with Core: .47 & Compression: 375

Uniforms & Safety Equipment

1.      Team players should wear shirts of the same color with numbers. If player can be verified on a legal up to date roster no penalty, if not on the roster, penalty will be:

player removed from game and coach will be suspended 2 games.

2.      Approved safety equipment must always be worn while on the field.

3.      Catchers must wear all protective gear: full helmet with double earflaps, shin guards and mask with throat protector. ANY player warming up a pitcher off the field must wear a catcher’s helmet.

4.      Batter, base runners, on-deck batters, must wear batting helmets. (Helmets with faceguard required for ALL AGE GROUPS) while on the field. Once the game has started, all offensive players should enter the field wearing a helmet. 

5.      Any Base Coach under 18 years of age must wear a Helmet with faceguard

6.      Earrings are allowed as long it is not dangling! NO OTHER JEWELRY ALLOWED (NECKLACES,BRACKETS,RINGS) unless medical and they need to be tape down or over


Defensive Team

1.      U12, 14 may play a maximum of 10 players in the field. 16/18 Plays with max 9.

2.      Players from the opposing team can be used to fill in on defense as a borrowed player.  

             Suggestion: use the last batters in the inning to play defense for the other team.

3.   When a borrowed player is on defense and it is her turn to bat, simply skip over her     without penalty.



1.       Pitching will follow the USA/ASA guidelines for FASTPITCH.

2.       Any pitcher who hits 2 batters in the course of an inning should be removed from pitching but can return following inning until she reaches max of 4 in the game after which player should be removed from the pitching position. They may play any other position but cannot pitch for the remainder of the game.

Base Running

1.      Stealing is allowed in all ages U12 once crosses plate, U14,16/18on the release of the pitch.

2.      A Courtesy runner is allowed for Pitcher & Catcher at any time and is Recommended with 2 outs.







Scoring limits/Side Retired

1.      An inning will end when 3 outs or 5 runs per inning are scored, whichever comes first.

            It is possible to score 8 runs should play continue when the 5th run has scored. 

2.      There is no unlimited inning, unless game reaches 7th inning.  

3.      The Mercy rule is in effect for all age groups, 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings.

4.      Game length is 7 innings, with ties allowed.

5.      No New Inning after 90 minutes.


Batting Order  

1.      All age groups must bat their entire roster.

2.      If a player leaves the game for any reason other than ejection, the players batting spot will be skipped without an out being recorded.

3.      Each team will exchange lineups at beginning of the game and notify each other of changes during game



           Both teams will pay ½ of the umpire fees at the plate meeting before the start of the game.        The accepted rate is $50.00 for all age groups.  No game will be forfeited at the field for lack of players.  You play with what you have.   If a team refuses to play, they are responsible for paying the entire umpire fee.


Inclement Weather: rainouts

1.      It is the host organization’s responsibility to inform the managers and umpires of postponement. Contact should be made by phone, text, or e-mail, it is best to just give the opponents and umpires a courtesy call. If you have not heard from your host by one hour before scheduled game time, assume the game is “on as scheduled” and GO TO THE FIELD. Try to make contact before you leave.

2.      Makeup games will be coordinated between head coaches of affected teams and organization heads. Every attempt should be made to complete all games.  However, it is not guaranteed that rainouts will be rescheduled and played. 



Ejections will have a minimum a 2-game suspension or remainder of season depending on severity.

 Players who are ejected should attend both games and sit the bench during their suspension

 Coaches who are ejected can attend the game as spectator only, cannot coach or participate in any manner during their suspension

 Parents/Spectators who are ejected will be asked to remain of off Baltimore County Fields until the suspension is finished. They may watch but from the parking lot/street

All ejections can be appealed to the fall ball committee.


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