Make sure you get your physical slips turned in to me if you haven't done it already.

Parents need to register themselves at Then register their child under them and then complete the physical packet there.

Keep checking this site for any updates or changes


 We are getting lights installed on our field so some of the times and days might be changed due to availability of the field. 

Intramural schedule:


8th 230-5pm

10th 230-5pm

15th  230-5pm **CANCELLED**

17th 230-5pm **CANCELLED**

22nd 230-5pm

24th 230-5pm

26th 9am- 2pm with Rosary HS (followed by pizza)


5th 230-5pm

7th 230-5pm

12th 230-5pm

14th 230-5pm ** We will be in the Aux Gym**

19th-2oth prac 230-5pm

21st prac @ Majestic field 6 230-5pm ****CANCELLED****

22nd Quick 10 minute meeting following school around 11:35 in one of the gym classrooms 

23rd TRY-OUTS @ Majestic field 6 10-2PM, depending on weather we will move it to the Aux Gym same time if need be

25TH prac @ Majestic field 6 230-5pm

26th prac @ Gorman 230-5pm

27th prac @ Majestic field 6 230-5pm

28th (V) scrimmage @ Majestic field 6 vs Legacy 330pm , (JV) prac @ Gorman 230-430pm


(Hopefully we get our field back by this time. We will adjust as needed)

1st prac 230-430pm @ Gorman

2nd prac (JV) 9am-11am, (V) 1030am-1230pm @ Gorman

4th-7th prac (V) 230-430pm, (JV) 300-430pm 

8th prac (V) 230-400pm 

8th-9th (JV) Meadows Tournament

          8th- @ Meadows HS 830am vs Meadows, 1pm vs West Wendover

          9th- @ Meadows HS 1030am vs Sandy Valley, 12pm vs SLAM

9th  (V) prac 9am-noon

11th-12th (V) prac 230-430pm, (JV) prac 330-530pm

13th (JV) prac 230-430pm, (V) prac 330-530pm

14th-16th (V) Gorman Tournament

          14th- vs. Clovis 8am, vs Damonte Ranch 1140am

          15th- vs. Aliso Niguel 8am, vs St Anthony 130pm, 3rd game depends on where we finish in Pool play

          16th- TBD                   

14th-15th (JV) prac 230-430pm

16th (JV) prac 9am-11am

18th (JV) prac 230-430pm, (V) prac 330-530pm 

19th (V) vs Rancho 330pm, (JV) @ Rancho 330pm

20th (JV) prac 230-430pm, (V) prac 330-530pm 

21st (V) vs Desert Oasis 330pm, (JV) @ Desert Oasis 330pm

22nd (V) vs Shadow Ridge 330pm, (JV) @ Shadow Ridge 330pm

23rd (V) double header vs St Joseph 10am and noon

25th (V) @ Liberty 330pm, (JV) vs Liberty 330pm

26th (JV) prac 230-430pm, (V) prac 330-530pm

27th (V) vs Foothill 330pm, (JV) @ Foothill 330pm

28th (V) prac 230-430pm, (JV) prac 330pm-5pm

29th (V) @ Clark 330pm, (JV) vs Clark 330pm



1st (JV) prac 230-430pm, (V) 330-530pm

2nd (V) vs Durango 330pm, (JV) @ Durango 330pm

3rd (V) @ Sierra Vista 330pm, (JV) vs Sierra Vista 330pm

4th (JV) prac 230-430pm

4th - 6th (V) Savanna Tournament 

            4th- @ Yorba Linda HS 315pm vs Yorba Linda

            5th- @ Savanna HS, 2pm vs Rosary, 4pm vs Savanna

            6th- @ Calvary Chapel (Costa Mesa), 10am vs Calvary Chapel, 12pm vs Villa Park

5th (JV) prac 300-500pm

6th (JV) prac 9am-11am

8th (V) vs Cent 330pm, (JV) @ Cent 330pm

9th (JV) prac 230-430pm, (V) prac 330-530pm

10th (V) vs Secta 330pm, (JV) @ Secta 330pm

11th (V) prac 230-430pm, (JV) prac 330-530pm

11th (V and JV) 7pm-815pm Light ceremony on the baseball field. Mandatory!

           Wear uniform top and spirit pack shorts. After throwing out first pitch we will play catch on the softball field then after party in the ATC.

12th (V) @ Silverado 330pm, (JV) vs Silverado 330pm

13th - 16th Spring Break

17th prac 500-700pm

18th - 20th (V) Spring Jamboree Tournament Las Vegas

22nd (JV) prac 100-230pm, (V) prac 200-430pm  

23rd (V) vs Green Valley 330pm, (JV) @ Green Valley 330pm

24th (V) prac 230-430pm, (JV) prac 330-530pm

25th (V) @ Coronado 330pm, (JV) vs Coronado 330pm

26th (JV) prac 230-430pm, (V) prac 330-530pm


29th (V) vs Basic 330pm, (JV) @ Basic 330pm ***CANCELLED

30th (V) VS Basic 330pm, (JV) prac 330-530pm


1st (V) @ Spring Valley 330pm, (JV) vs Spring Valley 330pm

2nd (JV and V) prac 230-430pm

3rd (V) vs Pahrump 330pm (Senior night)

4th prac 9am-noon

6th prac 230-530pm

7th - 11th Regionals

15th - 18th State