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Skateboarding History Lesson

As you all know, our sport has a lot of history behind it, "Skateboarding has been around since 1980, which happens to be the year in which the first modern skateboard was made. Since then, both young and the not so young enjoy carving the streets and experiencing the adrenaline rush of free riding, trick skating, and the like. Skateboarding is deeply influenced by and derivative of the art and sport of surfing. Surfing, which was developed and rooted in Hawaii, is the act of riding waves with a surfboard. Similar to surfing, skateboarding entails riding a skateboard on land, and more specifically, paved or concrete surfaces. Skateboards are made in different styles and made with different skating methods in mind." Skaters have been around since the early 70s and maybe even before then. This week is skateboard history week, so skate with pride. The blank skateboard wheels will be available in about two more weeks, so hang in there.