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Welcome to Black ICE Basketball!


Hello to all of our Black ICE supporters and Welcome to our new supporters as well! Black Ice consists of two basketball teams (boys and girls) that compete in the EDRECO basketball program. We are very proud of our student athletes and do our best to reinforce the positive social, academic, and moral ethics that our parents teach at home. Although we are an athletic group and we strive to help the players be at their best on the court, we put sportsmanship, digntiy, respect, and that "never give up" mentality at the top of our priorities.

Throughout the years I, Coach Gerald, have had the pleasure of coaching some of the most talented young ballers in the local area. Along the way, they have grown both as players and young citizens. And I'd like to think that I've had a positive influence on them. I can admit that they have taught me quite a bit as well. This website is my way of thanking them. I only regret that I did not start this in my first year of coaching.

So to all of you, players, parents, and Black ICE supporters, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me this grand opportunity to be a part of your young athlete's life. And I truly hope that you are satisfied with my efforts.

Thank You!

March 24, 2018

Black ICE Eliminated by Warriors in Second Round of Tournament!!!

Just making it into the second round seemed like a far fetched idea for Black ICE. But here they were again attempting to play "spoiler" as they would go up against the #3 seeded Warriors for a chance to play the #1 seeded Terps in the Championship game next week. As always, coach Gerald has his hands full trying to get his team focused on the game at hand and not to get caught up in being the Cinderella.

"At this age its hard to get kids to stay focused." said coach Gerald. "Last week they had a goal and executed it extremely well. Today it's about refocusing and getting that mental toughness back. A very hard thing to do at this age in their lives and basketball career." This season the focus was even harder to achieve because for all but one of his players, this would be the very first time to ever play under the whistle. And to start out at EDRECO is an extra burden to overcome because of the competiveness. EDRECO is known for having AAU, Middle School, and High School players participating. Add to that the problem of not having a practice during the week for the coach to get them prepared.

When these things factor in, Black ICE had a tremendous task ahead of them. The team came out playing with some control and took an early 4 point lead. But the Warriors hit back and with a run of their own. Black ICE never recovered and seemed to unravel with missed opportunities and not getting after the loose balls as they did in the previous matchup. Of course they came with their patented pressure defense that forced the Warriors to turnover the ball again and again. But the defense could not do it all, somewhere along the line you have to score and Black ICE failed to do so. The final score just proved that they weren't ready to win today.

This is what coach Gerald had to say after the game. "My guys gave all they had. Of course we could had done some things much better, but to see these guys go out there and fight for the entire game made me so proud of them. Especially watching them from day one up until today. I'm hoping that each player works on their skills over the Summer and come back to EDRECO on a higher playing level. They got a taste of EDRECO and I don't think they will want to go anywhere else."

#11 Teron Powell is the only Black ICE player that has previous experience. He was the anchor in the middle for the team and earned the nickname "Skittles". Short for "Big Skittle in the Middle" as coach Gerald would say. "Skittles has potential to take his game to the highest level. I could use him inside and out, but unfortunately I had to mostly use him inside. Don't get me wrong, his passion for the game is where you want it to be, but his personality is not that of a big man. Yet. I say yet because as he gets older he's going to come to understand that he can be a dominant force underneath. I see him being a threat from all over the court someday."

#7 Tyrell Washington was the biggest surprise of the season. Not only to coach Gerald but to the rest of the league. "Rell showed dramatic improvement throughout the season. I saw myself giving him more and more responsibilities on both ends of the court. From running the team to matching up with the toughest players on the opposite end. When he settles his emotions down and understands the power of the pass, he's going to be a top notch point guard," said coach Gerald.

His brother, #13 Tyshawn Washington, was the opposite side of the coin. "I could not get him to scream at the moon if it was for a million dollars," said coach Gerald. "That just how he is. But he was always willing to get in the middle and fight for the loose balls and rebounds. A perfect example of actions speaking louder than words."

"I had a bunch of tough competitors on my team. Including #30 Kyon Bailey. Just as tough as Shawn was, but that's where the similarities ended. He was always speaking his mind and giving us something to laugh at. He made our practices very interesting!" Coach Gerald also said that if Kyon keeps playing he would be one tough matchup for anybody.

Speaking of tough matchups, #23 Maxwell Ehrim is tagged as a future headache for opponents. "I saw him registering for Clinic and convinced his father to let him play in the upper league competition." said coach Gerald. "I think he made the right decision. His energy and toughness is scary. He's got a nice shot that is going to go in most of the time. He's even got a few moves to the basket that will surprise you. The only problem is his experience. But after this year, and hopefully some summer practice, he's going to be at least a second round pick next season. And whoever doesn't pick him, I don't feel sorry for. Max will definitely be a game changer."

#35 Devaughn Banks was a game changer that flew under the radar. His numbers weren't the kind that jumped out off the page, but if you watched him play you would see that he always played a solid game. "When you say solid game, you have to consider both ends of the court. That's De. He played both ends of the court every game. Rebounding hard, "up in your chest" on defense, there for a putbacks, just all around." That's how coach Gerald describes his power forward. "I foresee De having a breakout game and from then on, nothing stopping De but De."

#0 Jonathan Stevenson has got to be one kid that coach Gerald enjoyed coaching because this kid kept him on edge. "Jonathan would have me pulling my hair out on the side because he is so smart but would get into foul trouble every game. That limited a lot of things that I could do with him. Especially getting reps at the point position. I knew that come the Playoffs it would help us out a lot if we had another ball handler to get Rell on some "catch and shoots", but Jonathan didn't get enough time to get a hang of it. But I know that he is such a competitor that he is going to get out there on the court and start working on his game tomorrow. This kid was all over the place. I watch him chase down players on fast breaks and challenge their shots. Can you imagine what he's going to be like when he gets his handles together? All I can say is Watch out!"

"Pockets had to be one of my favorite players this season. Always in the wrong spot, but always getting the steal. Always wondering around the court, but always getting to the right spot at the right time. I found myself screaming out POCKETS most of the game trying to get his attention. But he was always willing to pay attention and learn. Next season he's going to understand the game better and understand his strengths and weaknesses better. When he does that he will be one of the most reliable players in the league. Pockets, work on that dribble!" By the way, Pockets is #3 Vashawn Peterson.

Coach Gerald would like to thank all the supporters of Black ICE. Especially the parents. Without your commitment and support, Black ICE would not be. I understand that 8-10 year old kids do not drive. Nor are they allowed to walk from home to practice at night alone in the cold. I know that I am not there at night after a big loss and your player takes it really hard. I cannot do this without your help and I thank you for it. I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your super star's basketball legacy and I hope in some way that I have made a positive impact on that. Once again, THANK YOU!

March 18, 2017

Sour Start Leads to Sweet Ending for Black ICE!!!


Getting out to a 1-4 start was sour for Black ICE, but things sweetened up by going 4-1 at the end of the regular season. Could things get any sweeter? Of course they could, AND THEY DID!

From upsetting the #1 Baltimore Bullets in the Semi-Finals to knocking off the #2 Lakers for the Championship title! Yes, you can say that things definitely got sweeter for Black ICE. Nothing could be sweeter for any team to win the EDRECO Boys Basketball Championship, but for Black ICE to come from a 1-4 record and sweep through the two top teams to claim that honor somehow tastes a little more sweeter. We know how their story ends, but for the fans of Black ICE that followed along their emotional journey it was a true Cinderella story. Coach Gerald gives us some inside knowledge of what truly transpired throughout the season.

"We started out like any other team with big hopes and aspirations, but soon hit a wall. Losing 4 out of 5 games. And with losing always comes the finger pointing and doubt. We had to come together first and prove that we could play at a higher level. Then the doubt would turn into confidence. Once we achieved those then there was nothing that we couldn't accomplish" said coach Gerald. "This was not only a journey for the kids, there was plenty of excitement for the parents as well. Each one contributed whenever they could."

"Like #1 Kendall Loggins' family. His father was there at every practice volunteering to help out with the practices. Then providing the Black ICE memorabilia that brought the team closer together and gave them a sense of pride. He helped Kendall stay focused when the pressure got to the young man and emotions got the best of him. The rest of the family was right there as well. Giving support to all of the team at every game. Big shoutout to the Loggins family. Especially you Grandma!"

"How about #2 Caleb Richardson and how much he meant to the team. He didn't realize it in the beginning, but his settling down actually lifted his game up. His mother really went through trials and errors alongside her son throughout the season. I remember her being concerned about his style of play. Lets face it, Caleb never saw a shot he didn't like. But my job was to help him understand when to slow down and when to go all out, but above all how to take in what was going on around him before deciding. I know she's glad we didn't just settle for slowing down. I know the rest of the team is glad too. By the way, big ups to mom for disciplining Caleb. She showed how good parents stand tall on what really matters in life. Her decision will definitely keep Caleb on the path to becoming a responsible young man. Thanks mom!"

"Then there's #24 Carlos Ferguson and his family. I know I threw Carlos and his father a curve when I moved him to point guard. But I know his father only scratched his head for a few seconds after he evaluated the decision and the roster. Carlos has such a calm and decisive demeanor that his personality was the perfect balance for our fast break attack mindset. This moved really showed it's benefit in the Semi-Final game when we took down the #1 Baltimore Bullets. His father gave us quality time at practices and also gave me some good insight on upcoming opponents. Carlos' mother and the rest of his family gave us all some serious support in the stands. Thanks everybody!"

"Now when you say support from the stands, you have to talk about #14 Kalil Moore's mother. At times I couldn't tell if she was about to jump out her chair and run out on the court. She rode Kalil all through the game. But that's what moms do. She just wanted Kalil to do his best so I can't blame her. But she was definitely there wanting the best for him when he felt that he was the weakest link on the chain. She never let him give up and soon Kalil turned out to be one of the teams fiercest defenders. Now Kalil walks around with a championship trophy and a swollen chest. You go mom!"

"But there's always one mom that I go back and forth with about their child. This year was #30 Brandon Summers' mom. Man she used to give me the business about Brandon. I can't blame her because that's her baby and she has every right to. It was all in fun though, just showed how much she cared about him. The funny part is that Brandon used to break down and cry at every game if he made a bad play. But he didn't realize that I called on him to shoot every technical we had because I knew he was cool as the ocean on the foul line when the pressure was really on. But thanks to pops for coming to get him straight when he did break down. Big ups dad!"

"On the opposite end of the spectrum we have #0 Richard Jones. This kid has got to be the coolest cat that I have seen on the court. Now when I first met Richard I wan blindsided because he was listed as 5'6" at the draft but showed up in a 4'6" frame. What's that all about? But throughout the season he stayed calm and cool. He never rattled and always gave me his all. I wondered how a kid could be that cool, but then I met his family and there you have it. But always there to support us throughout the season. I tip my hat for raising such a wonderful young kid."

"#23 Samir Illidge has got to be one of my favorite players since I've been at EDRECO. 0-100 real quick, but no brake. Man he had me biting my nails with every break away layup that he got. It wasn't until the end of the season that we both figured out we'll just leave it alone and have fun. But to him it was all business out there on the court. You talk about giving the other teams the blues, oh man did he do that on defense. Then mom joined our practice and now I saw where he got it from. The energy and commitment. This young man was a dream to work with. Mom, you did your thing with Samir!"

"I was so lucky to watch each player deal with their own demons and come out on top. That meant more to me than the actual Championship. I'm not sure of how much of a part that I played in that, but it meant even more when one player told me that he was going to win the game for me. That really did something to me inside. Made me second guess my thoughts of stepping away from the program. So yes, this championship was sweet. But for me sweet in a different way."

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