Character of a Coach


 The character of a coach

cannot be dictated by the rules. 



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        Your actions speak louder than words and leave a lasting impression.



  The Bloomfield Home & School Grammar Basketball program is run for boys and girls in the 4th through 6th grade. Approximately 700 students from 8 schools make up the almost 50 team league.



League History

Bloomfield Home & School Basketball: History

League has Long History 
The league started before 1960 and has grown into a very successful league today. In the 60's and early 70's there were two leagues consisting of 5 teams each. These were made up of the 10 grammar schools in Bloomfield, the eight we have now, plus Oakside and Brookside. There were 15 players, all boys, on each team picked from the 5th & 6th grades. Up until 1976 there were no girls teams in the league.

The league was initially run by the Board of Education and teachers coached the teams. In the early 70's two grammar schools closed leaving 8 schools and one league. This continued until approximately 1990 when budgets were cut and the program had to be run by the Home & School Associations of each school. The Home & Schools paid for the use of the gyms and officials. 
To form this newly revised league, Bill Smith,(90 & 91) rounded up Brookdale, Demarest,Franklin & Oakview to continue the league with one boys and one girls team from each school. The league continued this way until 1993 when Frank Gengaro, (92-95), approached the 4 other Home & Schools convincing them to join the league. At that point, the league had a boys and girls 5th & 6th grade team from each school plus St. Thomas(94). Also 4th grade teams were added at that time.
Stephen Rubbinaccio,(94-present) became Chairperson in 95. With the help of the Home & Schools, funding the referees, the BOE again funding the gym use and Michael Vargas, consultant behind the scenes and web administrator, the league has grown to be a wonderful part of the town and the development of the children involved. The league has approximately 600 students and approximately 75 adult volunteer coaches and chairpersons.

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