Baseball Season is Almost Here!


The BMC Baseball player registrations opens online on March 1st.


Players Current Grade - 1st Grade thru 6th Grade -  $85.00

Players Current Grade - 7th Grade thru 12th Grade  - $100.00


Players are placed in their respective leagues by current school grade


We need volunteer coaches at each age level!


Registration Deadline: March 31. After that, $40 late fee and registration cannot be guaranteed.


The Bay Men's Club Baseball organization ensures baseball is available to all children in the community thru our Everyone Plays program which provides assistance for those in need.  Send confidential requests to:

Practice begins First Saturday of May

Games begin Saturday of Memorial Day weekend

All Star Event 3rd Sat of June

Championship Tournament 2nd week of July

Bay Men's Baseball is proud to introduce the Rally Cap program into our Pinto league (grades 1-2)

“The Rally Cap program is designed to ignite a passion for baseball and softball and strives to create a fun, developmental environment while teaching kids ages 5 – 8 the basic fundamentals, rules and strategies of the game.  The program also works to engage and empower coaches and parents by providing coach development and training resources. Each participant in the Rally Cap program will receive a ticket to an Indians game, an Indians hat and two Rally Cap wristbands.

Rally Cap teams are smaller then traditional baseball teams. These smaller teams allow players more time in each position, keeping them engaged throughout the playing time.  During games, players will constantly rotate positions and bat each inning.  These simplified changes positively impact the youth baseball and softball experience by emphasizing preparation, play and perseverance – The Indians Way.”   

A program overview is available in the "FORMS / Handouts" link



Coaches please go to "Ohio Return to Play" link on left for important information

Serving Bay Village since 1954...Since 1954, Bay Men’s Club Baseball Program has been a fixture of Bay Village summers. Over the years, Bay Men’s Club Baseball has become a partnership of volunteers, the Bay Service Department, the Bay Recreation Department, parent coaches, and last but not least, our Team Sponsors. Each year it is the goal of Bay Men’s Club Baseball to have as many kids participate in our summer program as possible. More importantly, Men’s Club Baseball turned no one away. Every kid who wanted to play ball was given the chance. This partnership made it possible for more than 400 boys to “Play Ball” every summer.



This field, this game: it's a part of our past..... It reminds us of all that once was good and that could be again.