July 26, 2018


First of all, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR BEAUMONT BASEBALL SENIOR LEAGUE TEAM who gave us all a great deal of excitement in making it all the way to the Regional tournament in Seguin.  The team won every game in the tournaments in District 12, Sectionals, State and the first two games in Regionals. Unfortunately, the string ran out in the Regional championship game with a 6-4 loss to Texas West.  It was a very close game into the 5th inning with the score tied 1-1 and the guys gave it their all (as usual) but came up a bit short.  WHAT A RUN!!!  We are all so very proud of the team as they generated a lifetime of memories for themselves, the coaches and all of Beaumont.  Speaking of coaches, a special thanks goes out to Brain Cansler and his assistants, Todd Legendre and Robert Lyons.  These men took their personal time, not to mention finances, to mentor the players.  And what a great job they did!  Another special thanks goes to all the players' parents who assisted the team in any way including taking some of their personal time and finances to make the trips to all the tournament sites.  It's been a memorable year for Beaumont Baseball and especially our Senior League team.  Thanks for the memories.  To the players, you are champions in all our eyes!  We know you gave it every ounce of your ability and courage; THANK YOU!



WE ARE IN THE REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!  In another nail-biter, our team pulled off another 3-2 win against Texas West to gain a berth in the Regional championship game.  Tuffy Legendre pitched a strong 6 innings then Sam Hall closed it out in the 7th.  Unfortunately two of our players suffered injuries during the game so the team is now down to only 9 players.  Cayden Barclay was hit by a pitch in the helmet near the temple area and Jett Johnson fouled a ball while at bat that hit his eye.  Please say a prayer for a speedy recovery for both these players.  The championship game will be played at 7 PM Wednesday, July 25, against the winner of the Texas West/Louisiana game to be played at 7 PM Tuesday, July 24.   This is a win-or-go-home game with the winner gaining a berth in the Senior League World Series to be played in Easley, SC starting Saturday, July28.  To my knowledge, no Beaumont Baseball (formerly Amelia-West End) team (junior, senior or big league) has ever advanced this far in the Little League tournaments.  GOOD LUCK TEAM!!  We believe in you and know you will do your very best.  You are already winners!


WOW!!! NOTCH ANOTHER WIN FOR OUR SENIOR LEAGUE TEAM TODAY.  This one was a close one but they pulled it off again!  With the combined    7-inning pitching  of Josh Taunton, Sam Hall and Cade Romero they beat New Mexico 3-2 in the 4 PM game today.  Next up for our team on Monday, July 23 at 8:00 PM will be either Louisiana or Texas West in a game being played now.  The guys are really on a roll, only 1 win away from another championship game.  Congratulations on the win today and we all are rooting for you to continue the streak.  


Opposition on Monday will be Texas West who beat Louisiana yesterday.




July 15, 2018


SENIORS WON TEXAS EAST STATE TOURNAMENT.  They beat El Campo for the second time in this tournament by a score of 8-2 with Sam Hall pitching a complete game.  CONGRATULATIONS to the team and especially Coach Cansler and his assistants.  Next stop is the Regional tournament in Seguin with the first game being played Saturday, July 21 at 4:00 pm vs. the winner of the New Mexico/Colorado game on Friday.  GOOD LUCK GUYS!  


We play El Campo again for the Texas East State Championship at 5 PM today.  We need only win 1 of possibly 2 games.  Hopefully our guys will put them away in the 5 PM game then it will be on to the Southwest Regional tournament in Seguin.  



WOW!  The seniiors keep rolling with a 7-4 win over El Campo earlier today.  Cade Romero pitched 6 innings and Tuffy Legendre closed it out for the win.  Next game is for the Texas East Senior League championship at 5:00 PM tomorrow, July 16.  We will play either El Campo or the winner of the College Station/West University game currently underway. CONGRATULATIONS TEAM, you're doing great.  Let's hope the next step will be the Southwest Regional Senior League tournament in Seguin.  


Congratulations to our seniors who won their first state tournament game yesterday defeating College Station  by a score of 13-4.  A combined effort by Sam Hall, Tuffy Legendre, Josh Taunton and Kane Snowden sealed the victory.  They will next play El Campo at 2:00 PM today, July 15.  Great job guys and best of luck in game 2 and forward.  Just keep doing what you've been doing; we all know you'll give it your best effort.


July 9, 2018

JULY 8, 2018 - WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF SENIOR LEAGUE SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT FOR SECTION 2!  Our team beat Channelview 6-3 in a close game with a  2-run homer in the 6th inning by Sam Hall to ice the win.  Josh Taunton also hit a 3-run homer in the 1st inning and Cade Romero pitched a complete game win.  CONGRATUATIONS TEAM!  Now it's onto the State tournament in Tyler beginning with our first game on Saturday, July 14 at 5 PM on field 2 vs. the winner of Section 1.  The tournament runs through Monday, July 16.   GOOD LUCK GUYS; KEEP DOING YOUR BEST.


July 7, 2018 - Our guys beat Channelview 8-4 to advance to the Sectional championship game Sunday, July 8 at 7PM in Orwall.  Sam Hall pitched a complete game and Garrett Richard hit a 2-run homer to make the score 8-4..   They will play the winner of the Channelview/NW 45 game being played Sunday at 4PM in Orwall.  Way to go team!  Keep the string going!


CONGRATULATIONS to our Senior League team on winning the District 12 tournament Saturday.  They beat Kirbyville twice by the 10-run rule; game 1 score was 12-1 and game 2 23-3!  Amazing!  They now enter Sectional play in Orwall Saturday, July 7, game time 1:00 PM vs. Bridge City.  Come out and support our team/district to the next level.  BEST OF LUCK Coach Cansler, Assistants and the team.


It's that time again!  The Little League tournament games will be in full swing this week (weather-permitting) with our Senior League team playing their first game on TUESDAY, JUNE 26 AT EITHER KIRBYVILLE OR SILSBEE STARTING 7:30 PM.  A win then would bring them home to play for the championship on Thursday, June 28.  Bring the family out to support our team along the way.  GOOD LUCK COACH CANSLER AND THE TEAM!  


July 8, 2018
Tournament Bracket
West End - District 12   8

Game 2

Sat 7/7/18

4:00 PM

West End - District 12   6
Channelview - District 17   8

Game 4

Sun 7/8/18

7:00 PM


Game 1

Sat 7/7/18

10:00 AM

Channelview - District 17   4
 West End D12
NW45 - District 28   4
if necessary

Game 5

Mon 7/9/18

7:00 PM

Channelview - District 17 

Game 3

Sun 7/8/18

4:00 PM

 Channelview     3
NW45 - District 28 
Loser of Game 4 


June 1, 2018

For the first time in several years Beaumont Baseball will have a Senior League  (15/16 year old) All Star team to compete in the Little League Senior League Tournament. The following players have been selected to the team:

Cayden Barclay

Owen Cansler

Grant Davis

Sam Hall

Jackson Haynes

Jett Johnson

Tuffy Legendre

Garrett Richard

Cade Romero

Cane Snowden

Josh Taunton

Chris Tillery

The coaches are Brian Cansler, Todd Legendre and Robert Lyons.

Congratulations to all the players selected and good luck to the team.  Information regarding the tournament schedule will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

Unfortunately there will not be a Junior League tournament team this year since of the players selected, six were unavailable to play.



May 18, 2018

The 2018 regular junior league season has come to an end and we wish to thank all of you who participated in any way.  It takes a lot of time, effort, sweat and love for the kids and the game to pull it off each year.  If you helped in any way, THANK YOU!  If you didn't, you might consider helping next year. 

I don't like singling out people for something for fear of offending others but it must be known that there are two persons who have done above and beyond what volunteers do.  I dare to say that without these two there would be no Beaumont Baseball.  For the past 5 years (probably more)  these two have made major improvements to our facility and continue to maintain them for the future.  I think all of you know one of them but unless you've been involved in some way the other may be unknown to you.  A special THANK YOU goes out to Brian Cansler and Billy Robbins for all they've done for Beaumont Baseball over the years.

Here'a something to think about (not in any particular order):  did you ever wonder

* who starts preparing for the next season in June?

* who maintains the facilities year round?

* who picks up the trash and deposits it in the dumpster?

* who works in the concession stand?

* who cleans the bathrooms?

* who prepares for registration?

*  who handles the tryouts and the player draft?

* who coaches the players?

* who umpires the games?

* who pays the bills?

* who buys and picks up the concession stand supplies?

* who makes sure we have enough baseballs and other equipment?

* Who handles all the paperwork required by Little League?

I'm sure I've missed a lot more of "who".  The point is, there is so much to be done and when it's left to just a few it seems mountainous.

Thanks for a great season!



May 18, 2018

Our Junior League Cardinals are the 2018 league champions defeating the Rangers 10-2 Wednesday night.  Over the 2 games they played they scored 21 runs and gave up only 4.  For the season, the Cards gave up only 30 runs, the lowest amount among the 4 Beaumont Baseball teams, while scoring a total of 88 runs.  CONGRATULATIONS to all the Cardinal players and Coach Brian Cansler for a great season.


May 15, 2018

The Cardinals and Rangers continued to show their winning ways last night, both winning their games to advance to the championship game on Wednesday.  Let's show support for the league and a great season by coming out to cheer on the players in this final game of the season.  Good luck to both teams!


May 14, 2018

This evening at 5:30 begins game 1 of our league's post-season tournament..  This is an annual event to see which of our teams will have the league championship bragging rights for 2018.  Tonight's games feature the #1 seed Cardinals hosting the #4 seed Red Sox at 5:30 followed by the #2 seed Yankees hosting the #3 seed Rangers at 7:30.  The winners of these games will face each other on Wednesday, May 16, at 6 PM to play the championship game.  Come out and see these young men in action and show your support for our league.  


April 6, 2018

First, let me apologize to any of you who might have posted a question regarding our league on our FB page and never got an answer.  I created that page years ago thinking people would post stuff about the league during the season (or anytime for that matter).  However, the site is rarely used for posts other than what I post.  To compound the problem, I have become disenchanted with FB and rarely logon, hence the lack or responses to your questions.  My suggestion is that you use email if you have any questions about the league or just call any of the Board members.  Thanks, and once again my apologies.  

Paul Kramlick


April 2, 2018



I still have not received Medical Release forms for 8 players.  I sent emails to the parents of these players on March 22.  Please note that the players WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE UNTIL THE FORMS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED ONLINE.  This is a Little League requirement.  The link to the form is on the home page in the same location as the registration form was.  Please complete this form before opening day next Tuesday.  Thanks you.  Paul Kramlick


March 22, 2018

Well it's almost here!  Opening Day is Tuesday, April 3, 2018 with the first game featuring Red Sox vs Yankees at 5:30 PM followed by the Rangers vs Lumberton B at 7:30 PM.  Come out and cheer on our teams.


Beaumont Baseball (formerly Amelia-West End Baseball) is a Little-League-sanctioned baseball league in Beaumont, TX comprised of players for the Junior League division within both, the Amelia Little League and West End Little League boundaries (some exceptions may apply), for ages 13-14 (some 12's and 15's depending on birth date). Also, Beaumont Baseball may register other eligible players in the Beaumont area if there is no other Junior League available within their Little League boundary.  The league was formed many years ago when it was determined that neither Amelia nor West End could realistically support a league for these age groups separately due to low numbers of registrants. 


February 25, 2018



The paragraph below applies to the LL major division and below, not to intermediate, junior or senior leagues.  For intermediate, junior and senior leagues, BBCOR bats along with USA bats are permissible.  Sorry for the misinformatiion.  


There has been a major change in which baseball bats are permissible for use in Little League.  As of Jan. 1, 2018, any baseball bat used MUST have the USA Bat logo.  No exceptions!  Baseball bats with the BPF 1.15  or BBCOR logos are prohibited for use in all Little League divisions except Senior League.  For more detailed information go to the Little League website and under menu, see bat information.


January 30, 2018

Parents and players, before you buy a new bat be sure to check the Little League website for LL approved bats.  We don't want you to buy a bat and then discover it is banned for use by LL.  Go to the LL website (there is a link under "about") then go to the menu and you will find a sub-link for "bat information".


November 1, 2017

Please note that Beaumont Baseball no longer maintains a Post Office Box (nor do we have a street address for receiving USPS mail).  If you need to contact Beaumont Baseball please check  "contact info" under "about" for someone to contact directly.


February 18, 2015

Need some baseball apparel or accessories?  Just click on the Fan Shop menu option and go from there.  Our league will receive a 10% commission on anything you buy.  Just another way of helping support Beaumont Baseball and keeping our costs down.


February 28, 2011
To all who use our facilities we ask you to please help us keep it clean.  Please place trash in the trash cans provided.  Don't leave trash in the bleachers or dugout areas.  We really appreciate your help.