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Bonavista Trinity Minor Hockey Association 2014/2015


Bonavista Trinity Minor Hockey Association




Welcome back to those returning players and parents and welcome aboard to those who are joining us for the first time. I am confident that all of us involved with our association will have a very rewarding year with lots of fun and the feeling of accomplishment and pride at the end of the year. There are a number of items that I want to bring to your attention as we begin a new year.




The dates, times and location of Registration are; Wednesday, September 24th, 6-8pm and Monday, September 29th, 6-8pm at the Dean Little Room in the Cabot Stadium.


Most of our expenses are increasing, but we are not going to increase the registration this year. Ensure that your registration in paid in a timely manner (half now and half in a post dated cheque dated for December 31, 2013). It is $250 for one player and $100 for each additional player. First time players only pay $100. Also if a female player wants to practice with the equivalent other age division there will be an additional $100 charge. If you need clarification on this last point please contact me.



Equipment Sale and Loaners


If you have equipment that you want to sell, please bring it along to the registration dates to sell. You are responsible to be there to sell your own equipment. Also we have some equipment left that was donated by the NHL Players Association to loan out to players.





The season will start on Monday October 6th . The last practice before Christmas is December 21st . We will start up again on January 5th . The last scheduled practice is on Thursday April 2nd. (day before Good Friday)


We will strive to ensure all divisions receive equal practice times over the course of the year. Any extra practice that a team/division may want will have to be at the expense of those team players/parents.


When school is cancelled for the afternoon due to weather, then hockey practice is cancelled for that day.


Our games coordinator (Curtis Fisher) is the contact person for team managers/parents/players.      


Parents Course


HNL has implemented a parent’s course. A parent for every player is required to take this course online. It is mandatory (one per child/family) There is a cost of $15 to complete this course. Our Association will pay for the registration for our parents. This is for any new parent whose child joins this year.


Free Hockey Camp


As we did last year, we will be offering a free hockey camp to all of our players. Jack Lee and company will once again provide us some great hockey skills training. It is scheduled for November 1st and 2nd. More info to come as the weekend approaches.




For those players that may qualify, there are several organizations/foundations/etc that can help in providing funds so that your son/daughter can play hockey. Funds can cover everything from registration, equipment, travel expenses, etc. Please contact one of the executive members if you are interested.





Do you want to help out the Association and become a referee or linesman. We are always looking for volunteers to come forward. Players that are in Bantam, Midget and females that are the age equivalent can become officials. Ben Dooley is our referee and chief this year and will be at the registration if you have a question or want to step forward. You can also email him at bendooley86@gmail.com





Clothing Orders


We will be placing a clothing order sometime in October. As soon as we get the date finalized, I will send out a message.





There are a number of fund-raising activities planned for the year that you may want to participate in. If you want to opt out of a fund - raising activity, then you can pay the profit for that activity. Only the bars cannot be opted out off. Lori O’Brien is the fund raising chair and you can contact her regarding the activities planned. Also your manager will be the contact person for your team. Lori will be at the registration to discuss your preferences for your fundraising.


Once the fund-raiser is complete (for example, you have sold your tickets or cold plates) ensure you get the money/ticket stubs to your team manager who in turn will get it to our fund-raising chair (Lori O’Brien). Please do not give your manager any loose change (cheques preferred). Also give your manager the money and not Lori or Lisa. They are juggling money from all the managers and don’t need this added responsibility.


Also, if you desire, you may pay all your fund-raising profit now or in two installments. Now and a post dated cheque dated December 31, 2014.

Please note: The hockey pools have to be sold by Nov 3rd and given to your manager.





Notwithstanding the fund-raising activities planned , we may need to adjust our revenues projections and expenses once registration ends and the success of fund raising continues throughout the year.



General Membership Meeting


There will be a general membership meeting Wednesday October 22, 7:00 pm Dean Little Room, Stadium.



Coaches/Managers Meeting


There will be a coaches/managers meeting on Wednesday October 1, 7:00 pm Dean Little Room, Stadium.




For your information we do have a website. You can go to btmha.ca to get information about the Association. If someone is interested in expanding the info on this site, get in contact with me.




There may be other issues or questions that you may have or are of particular interest only to your team. Feel free to contact me or any of the executive to voice your support or concern. I intend to keep you as informed as possible.


To ensure that you will receive all the current information please provide an email address (s) to us (on your registration) This will be our primary means of communications as an association. I send out a lot of information via email and I forward information from HNL, Hockey Canada, etc.



Yours in hockey,


Levi Warren