Double Elimination Tournament

April 21, 2018 – 07:00 AM

Once your roster is turned in, there will be no adding players unless it is approved by league officials.


Game length

  • Two 20 min halves
  • clock stops only the last min of each half 

Back court press

  • Is allowed all game

Zone Defenses

  • no zone defenses will be permitted unless the losing is losing by 10 or more points and only then can the losing team play a zone defense
  • First offense is a warning
  • Second offense is a technical foul
    • The team that is shooting the free throw will on get one shot and the ball back at half court

Time Outs

  • Two time outs per half per team
  • No time outs will be carried over into another half of play
  • One time is awarded during overtime play


  • One 2 min quarter will be played until there is a winner
  • Any team calling time out will get the ball at half court assuming that team has possession of the ball


  • Absolutely no profanity 
  • No warnings for profanity
  • First profanity will be a technical foul and the player will have to sit out for the remaining of the half
  • Second profanity will be an automatic ejection of the player

Technical Fouls

  • The shooting team will shoot two shots and will get the ball back at half court
  • This rule does not apply to a profanity technical (see profanity rule)


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