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Who and What is the BPSPA?

BPSPA stands for Bethel Park Slow Pitch Association. In September of 2009, the Bethel Park School Board voted in favor of adding Slow Pitch as a club sport. This will now be offered to young ladies in the fall at the High School. With this being a new sport at the time being offered at the high school, the group worked with BPGSA and found a league that offered slow pitch as a fall sport. The league is known as WPISL (Western PA Interscholastic League). This league started in 2006, and three Bethel Park teams joined in 2009 - Varsity, JV, and Junior High. 

The WPISL is working hard to get slow pitch into schools across Western PA. Bethel Park was the third to join as a club sport. 

The first two were:

  • North Allegheny
  • North Hills

This league has expanded considerably since its inception. For more information regarding the WPISL, please check out the link to their site on the Forms and Links tab. 

What is the difference between the BPSPA and BPGSA?


  • BPSPA - Bethel Park Slow Pitch Association
  • BPSPA is affiliated with the Schools as a Club Sport
  • Has a Booster Organization for fundraising throughout the year
  • Teams will play Fall Ball for slow pitch (prior to this year girls did not have the opportunity to play slow pitch in the fall)
  • Girls will be involved in Community Service activities throughout the year


  • BPGSA - Bethel Park Girls Softball Association
  •  BPGSA is considered in-house ball, not affiliated with the schools
  •  Has a Board that organizes fundraisers (Social in May)
  • Girls play Spring, Spring Travel, Summer Travel, and Fast Pitch through BPGSA 


How will the girls receive support for the BPSPA program?

The Boosters Association is an integral part of the slow pitch program. The Boosters will help to defer the costs of purchasing uniforms and equipment and registration fees as much as possible. The expectation is that parents of all players will participate in this important and vital arm of the program. This participation can come in the form of time or monetary support. The Boosters plan to conduct a variety of fundraisers and either type of help is always welcome. We understand that everyone is busy, but this group keeps the program going! 


Who are the BPSPA Boosters?
The BPSPA Boosters are an organization that was created in October 2009 when the Bethel Park School District approved Slow Pitch as a club sport.  



Samantha Stephenson    Bella Testa 
Anna Counihan    Valerie Sager 
Janna Turner    Natalie Sager 
Julianne Murphy    Ava Armstrong 
Allison Scarlett   Adrianna Mazzetti 
Madison Theile   Savanna Stokes 
 Leah Armstrong   Kaitlyn Ganter 
 Samantha DeGore   Lily Helfrich 
Victoria DePasquale   Julia Hoppe 
Alyson Hucko   Hanna Magee 
Nicole Martinelli   Danielle Mack 
Abby York    Emma Hanner 
    Bella Markwood 
 Dave Zivkovich - Head Coach   Tom Smith-Head Coach 






Eliza Morrison   NOAH MORRISON 
Rylee Nanni     
Grace Plassio     
Hanna York     
Kylie DeMark     
Morgan Cook     
Madison Cook     
Sadie Nelson     
Lillian Haner     
Kaelyn Weber     

BPSPA Manny Redman 2020 Scholarship Award Winner


We are pleased to announce that




is the proud recipient of the Manny Redman Scholarship for the 2019 BPSPA season.

Congratulations ABBY!  Good luck in your future endeavors!




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Kimberly Walsh-Turner - President


Pam Bronco - Vice President


Stacey Testa - Treasurer


Julie Manion - Secretary


Directors: Bob Manion (Field & Supplies)




Varsity Head Coach: Dave Zivkovich

Junior Varsity Head Coach: Tom Smith




 Mailing Address for BPSPA:


PO Box 341

Bethel Park, PA  15102

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