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Welcome to the home of Bradley Gardens Baseball

Bradley Gardens Little Loop, Inc.


NEW! BGLL will pay for Background Checks

BGLL has decided to pay for Background Checks of parents that have scheduled to attend the Rutgers Coaching\Safety Course.  Please visit their site to find out when courses are being offered.

Email us once you have confirmed attendance at a scheduled course or if you have received your certification. The Background Check Form can be found on our Home Page under the Forms link.  Please fill it out, and send via email as a PDF.  (You may have to scan the document in order to convert it to a PDF. A copy of your Certification card must be submitted at the time or after completion of the course. If you do not complete the course you will be charged $40 for the Background Check. 

https://youthsports.rutgers.edu . Select Courses\Schedules to check their calendar.

Mission Statement

Philosophy of Bradley Gardens Little Loop Baseball Program

BGLL is committed to providing a quality baseball experience for the youth of Bradley Gardens section, and for all of the Bridgewater-Raritan School District. We strive to provide an environment of healthy competition which will assist our youth in the development of athletic abilities, self-confidence, and positive self-esteem. It is the goal of the organization to provide a program that emphasizes fun, development of sound baseball skills, and healthy competition.

In order to accomplish the goal, it is understood that every player will not necessarily have equal playing time, nor will every player get to play in the position of his/her own choosing. However, every player will be allowed to try different positions in practice, will have hands-on instruction, and every player will be given opportunities to play in game situations. At the younger levels, the emphasis will be on development of sound baseball skills, moving toward a more competitive program at the older ages.

BGLL strives to make our baseball experience as safe as possible for participants and spectators. Baseball, as with any sport, brings with it some risk of injury. BGLL will do everything possible to prevent injury to any player by providing adequate safety equipment; playing only on safe fields; and by not putting players into situations where they may be overpowered by other competitors. Safety of our participants and spectators is the highest priority for our organization.

BGLL welcomes input and ideas from our players, families and others. We are open to hearing concerns, ideas and comments from anyone who can help improve the organization. We welcome volunteers to assist with running this program.

COACHES AND MANAGERS MUST attain a Rutgers Safety\Coaching Cert. and submit a Background Check

All Bradley Gardens Baseball Coaches and Managers are required to obtain a criminal history background check. This is in addition to the required Rutgers Coaching Certification. The "Instant Verification" form is available in the "2015 Forms/Handouts" section of this website.


The Rutgers Certification calendar can be found here https://youthsports.rutgers.edu/educational-courses/schedule

Select Courses\Schedule link.

Please e-mail us if you need more information - bgllbaseball@gmail.com

BGLL Code of Conduct

All League participants must read, understand, and agree to abide by thisCODE OF CONDUCT:


I.               Parents:


1.     I understand that it is a privilege not a right for my child to participate in BGLL programs;

2.     I understand that my presence and my attitude have a profound impact on my child and the program in which he/she participates;

3.     I will be present and encourage my child to participate and to be positive;

4.     I will allow the manager/coach/official to do their job;

5.     I understand I am subject to the authority of all League Officials.

6.     I will encourage my child in each accomplishment – big or small.

7.     I will relax and have fun and encourage my child to do the same.

8.     I understand that my relatives and significant others represent me and it is my responsibility to make sure they respect the BGLL Code of Conduct.

9.     I understand that failure to abide by the BGLL Code of Conduct by me or anyone that represents my family can result in my family’s dismissal from the BGLL program.


II.              Managers/Coaches:


1.     I understand that each youth has the right to be treated with respect and to be viewed as a person capable of responsible, respectful behavior.

2.     I understand the tremendous responsibility of instructing and the profound impact I have on the youth in my care.

3.     I will treat each child, parent, and other manager/coach/official, with respect and dignity.

4.     I will do my best to increase my knowledge of the program and all rules and to pass these on to the youth in the program.

5.     I will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each child and do my best to give them the maximum opportunity for success.

6.     I will listen and communicate with the parents, and other manager/coach/official.


III.            Player:


            1.   I understand that it is a privilege not a right for me to participate in BGLL programs;

2.   I will treat my manager/coach/official, parents, and fellow youth with respect;

3.    I will cooperate with my manager/coach/official and follow any rules established;

4.    I understand if I am disruptive, disobedient or disrespectful to my manager/coach/official, parents, and other youth that I will be removed from the program.


Remember, if a game needs to be played at Ardmaer or Bradley Gardens School fields, practices will not be held there on that day.