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Message from Coach Pianto


Welcome and thank you for your interest in Branham High School Baseball and visiting our teams website. I know I speak for the entire coaching staff when I say we are very excited about the 2021 baseball season. We and looking forward to a fun, enjoyable and successful season while assisting the players in reaching the goals they have set for program, the team and themselves. Our coaching staff is committed to assisting and guiding our player to strive to be the best they can be in the classroom, in the community and on the baseball field. Our goals are simple, to play the game the way it is meant to played. Adopt, commit and possess solid fundamental baseball skills in which our players put our baseball program and their teammates ahead of themselves. Through hard work, dedication and commitment to each other we are already winners.

 On the behalf of our entire program we would like to thank our baseball families, generous sponsors and the entire Branham High School community for the support and commitment to our program and assisting us in laying a firm foundation to build upon.

Thanks again for visiting our website and I look forward to seeing at the field.


Tony Pianto

Varsity Head Coach

Branham Baseball



*Pre-Season Baseball Update for Prospective 2021 Players*

Preseason Baseball Update: 9/13/2020:

Clarification on participation rules:
Students may participate in only one cohort at a time and cannot participate in any other outside group. Students can switch cohorts only after three weeks.
Baseball Sessions:
Session 1: 9/14 - 10/3
Session 2: 10/5 - 10/24
Session 3: 10/26 - 11/14
Session 4: 11/16 - 12/12

Session 1:
These are the Baseball Workout Groups for Session-1 9/14 to 10/3:

  2021 Player Workouts                    
  Group 1- Tony/Steve Thursday 9/17 Year     Group 2- Larry/Ken Tuesday 9/18 Year     Group 3- Russ/Frank Wednesday 9/16 Year  
1 Matt Garcia 10   1 Carlos Gutierrez 12   1 Alex von Barloewen 12  
2 Sean Lim 12   2 Elijah Bustamante 10   2 Logan Van Hooser 9  
3 Tyler Siegel 11   3 Evan Williams 10   3 Sean Murphy 10  
4 Aiden DeMarquez 11   4 Nolan Rodriguez 10   4 Colin Williams 10  
5 Jackson Weinger 11   5 Joseph Schoeppler 9   5 Layton Knipe 10  
6 Cameron Coy 12   6 Brian Lowery 9   6 Jackson Reed 9  
7 Ben Lim 9   7 Ryan Kumar 12   7 Tyler Wadholm 9  
8 Carson Ledesma 12   8 Kyle Nguyen 11   8 Gunnar Paedon 10  
9 Jacob Rinehart 10   9 Erik Ahlers 9   9 Zack Noffsinger Kamp 11  
10 Ben Alonzo 11   10 Ryan Ahlers 9   10 Devin Gonzales 9  
11 Owen Newberg 11   11       11  Luke Wancewicz 12   
12       12       12      
* For Information Thursdays and Friday can be utiliized for additional workouts and will be scheduled each week upon player availablity. All players must workout with their assigned coaches and cohorts.

Note: I will be creating sign-up genius links for the remaining 3 sessions to make it easier to sign up - those will be published soon.

Please reach out to the coaches or myself if you have any additional questions.




*This Week in Baseball* 


**An Important message to all Prospective Athletes. You must register on Athleticclearance.comPlease start this process as soon as possible. Please go to the Branham High School website, select the  Athletics tab. Then select the how to participate tab where players and parents can get all the information on how to register.**



September 2020

Preseason Workouts Begin

Session 1  9/14 to 10/3

Session 2 10/5 to 10/24

Session 3 10/26 to 11/14

Session 4 11/16 to 12/12




*Future Dates to Remember for 2020-21 Season*

-Sports Physicals are tentatively planned for November 3rd at 2:45 pm in the Training Room.(More details as we get them).

-First Official Day of Practice Begins March 15th 2021


*2020 Branham Baseball Sponsorship Program*

Please help support the Branham Baseball Program in the 2020 season with a Sponsorship. The new form is now on the website. You can find it under the Pages tab, then click on Fundraising. For a current list of possible sponsors or any fundraising questions you may have, please contact. 

Lisa Newberg-Sponsorship Coordinator / JV Team Parent

1 (408) 728-5415 or by

email: clnewberg@sbcglobal.net

you can also contact her on the Band App.


Your donations are much appreciated.

Thank you,

Branham Baseball

Home of the Bruins

New sign on the back of the baseball bleachers hung today by Coach Pianto & Coach Schwartz

Full CCS Website Update for 2020-21 Sports Calendar