Larry Anderson "rarely missed a game." When he died, he asked that those who wanted to remember him make a donation to the Brattleboro Area Softball Association, Inc. There were many friends and players who did. His wife of sixty years matched those donations. She said he always had supper early during the softball season because he wanted to be at the Park on time. 


It is fitting that we place a bench at West River Park in memory of Larry and his favorite summer evening pass time -  talking with friends and watching softball games. We hope you enjoy this bench as much as we enjoyed him being a fan of the game and all our teams.


It is also fitting that the stone terrace at WRP was built by Cory Newton and the black locust bench in memory of Larry Anderson was crafted by Steve Robinson. Both of these artisans have been participants in our softball league.

September 21, 2018
  • Division 1: Junk Yard Dawgs/Brattleboro Autobody & Detailing

  • Division 2 Champions: Evans Construction

  • Division 3 Champions: Benchtop Devices

  • Division 4 Champions: MT3 Solar

  • Division 5 Champions: BFHC

  • Coed Champions: Anger Management

There have been reports of lost equipment.  If you have picked up bats, gloves, etc., you may report them here.

Get schooled on the rules, the cruel jewels to keep the fools cool

Infield Fly Rule.  The purpose of this rule is to prevent the double and triple plays on pop-ups.  This rule is in effect with less than 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd or bases loaded.  If the batter hits a fair flyball (not including a line drive) within or close to the infield that can be caught with reasonable effort in the umpire’s judgment, by any infielder or outfielder, the umpire shall call “Infield Fly” and the batter is immediately called out.  If the ball is caught, all rules pertaining to a caught flyball are in effect.  If the ball is dropped, the batter is still out and the runners may remain at their base or advance at their own risk.  The force is off, so the runners must be tagged out when returning or advancing to a base.

The Brattleboro Chief of Police, Michael Fitzgerald, has contacted the League about the drinking and littering at the parks.  Don't leave a mess for others to clean up.  Please take your empty bottles and cans with you.  

Fake tags are not allowed (Rules Supplement 19).  The umpire may award base(s) if the runner stops, slows down, or slides as a result of a fake tag. If the runner gets injured, the defensive player may be ejected.

Sponsor fee: $500.00 (Mens), $250.00 (Co-ed)

Player fee: $60.00, additional $20.00 to play in Mens and Co-ed

If you have a Mens or Co-ed team, a player looking for a team, interested in being an umpire, or have any questions about this softball league, please contact Brownie Towle (, (802) 254-2824)

Changes for 2018

  • The 12-game Co-ed League will start in early May (same as the Mens League). We will try to keep a Friday-only schedule, unless delays and reschedules force us to use Sundays
  • Co-ed teams must have two males and two females in both the infield and outfield and one male and one female as pitcher and catcher (defensive positions do not have to be alternating gender) (Rule 4.1.C.3.E)
  • Co-ed Shorthanded Rule: If a team plays shorthanded with either three players in the infield or outfield, at least one must be male and at least one must be a female (Rule 4.1.D.1.D)
  • Co-ed batting order must be alternating genders. Back-to-back male and back-to-back female batters are not allowed. An out will be recorded for the vacant position

The League and Rec Dept have a collection of lost gloves. If any of them belong to you, send us a message by clicking the Contact Us link in the About dropdown at the top of this webpage                 

Please check our Sponsors in the About link above and support the businesses who support this league. (If your business is not listed or incorrect, please email the webmaster)

2018 Vermont ASA Tournaments

  • Mens Wooden Bat State Tournament, July 7-8, Newport, VT
  • Womens Slow Pitch (All Classes), July 14-15, Newport, VT
  • Co-ed Class D/E Slow-Pitch, July 28-29, Hyde Park/Waterbury, VT
  • Mens Class D Slow-Pitch, Aug 4-5, Hyde Park/Waterbury, VT
  • Mens Class E/F Slow-Pitch, Aug 11-12, Brattleboro, VT

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To receive text messages regarding rainouts, text BRATTSOFTBALL to 84483. Text STOP to be removed. Msg&data rates may apply

Congratulations to the 2017 Champions

  • D1: #3 Brattleboro Elks #1499
  • D2: #1 Zooters/Commonwealth Dairy/Shram/Whetstone Station
  • D3: #2 Edward Jones
  • D4: #1 All Around Appliance Services
  • D5: #4 Against the Grain
  • Co-ed: #1 Ball Crushers