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Welcome to a brand new and exciting season with the Baton Rouge COLTS Football Program!!! This year,with a "NEW START". This upcoming 2019 Season is very imporant to us.With entering Southern Youth Football we want to Encourage Teamwork,Goodsportsmanship,Discipline as well as to help our kids build Good Self-Esteem through Sports. The B.R. COLTS Organization will always enforce our #1 Rule that "Every Kid Play Policy " However,we also want our teams to be competitive,Therefore we must stress how important it is to have all kids at practice .It is to help prepare our kids for game day,so we must pratice! We urge you please make all the necessary arrangements for your child to attend all practices. As parents, and coaches it is our Responsibility to set good examples for our childern.And as adults, we must also remember to show good sportsmanship and respect to all players,parents,and referees. An also at meetings,practice,an any other place we go, representing the Baton Rouge COLTS Organization .We ask that you refrain from the use of obscene language or any other unruly acts around all the kids at practice,games,etc...If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.THIS IS A FAMILY!!!! GO COLTS!!!

For A New Experience Try Us!!! The B.R. Colts :)

Were We Are All A Family!!!

After 2-3 weeks of practice the teams will start playing in pre-season games like a scrimmage,jamboree. This helps immensely to prepare for the regular season play. Our games are on Saturdays. The season is 8 weeks long,and teams that make the play-offs they play additional weeks as long as they keep winning. And after that we start playing in Bowl Games.We're also looking for great coaches to work with our kids. Head Coaches and Assistant coaches so would you please consider offering your time as a coach? We're sure you will find it very rewarding. Don't worry about lack of experience. One of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences our coaches have had are for coaching football. Not ready to commit to coaching yet? There are other staff positions that also need to be filled on each team an in the organization. These include,Team trainer,Team parent,Photographer,Videographer,Stat crew,Chain gang,etc.