Plainfield Nationals - PAC Bronco Division World Series Champions

July 13, 2006

Introducing the PAC Bronco Division World Series Champion - Nationals: Jacob Kaminski, Matt Kurecki, Alex Satinsky, Jonathon Kurecki, Andy Dunning, Josh Rohrer, Drew Meehan, Kyle Capodice, J.C.Gonzalez, John Andrews, Luke Logan, Ben DeLange.


July 14, 2006

The NATIONALS won the final game of the PAC Bronco Division World Series 8 to 4 and were crowned PAC Bronco Division Champs. It was truly a team effort, inculding kids, coaches and parents who assisted by getting the kids to weekend and weekday practice sessions during the season, and especially during the team's playoff run. You were great!

You Showed What It Means to be a TEAM

July 24, 2006

You have proved you are a very good TEAM. You have faced worthy opponents and tough competition during the Play-offs, National League Championship game, and the PAC 2006 Bronco Division World Series and came out on top. This did not occur by accident. You have accomplished this because as a TEAM you played solid baseball for seven innings, stayed focused for the entire game. You really focused on what you could do to contribute and encourage one another and cheered one another on. A truly remarkable and memorable season of baseball. This was the time to come together as a team and enjoy the moments and Have Fun! Good luck to all. Our paths may cross if you are playing PAC Fallball or next Spring. It has been my pleasure to be your coach. A final word of thanks to the Plainfield Athletic Club its dedicated volunteers, coaches, and to the parents and players.

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