*** 2019 Broomall Newtown Babe Ruth Registration Is Now Open!  ***

The 2019 Babe Ruth Baseball Registration Period begins on January 3rd and runs through February 5th.

For you late-comers, there is an extended "Late Registration Period" that runs from February 6th through February 19th - but that'll cost you an additional $10.

Don't be late - register now and save $10.00!!

You can use the "Registration is Open" link to the right to get the process started!

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We have launched Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages where we will share important information, dates and updates. We will also present team and player spotlights, and recaps from in-house games and tournament teams, as well as, other BN Baseball related topics that you might find interesting and enjoyable.

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Tiger Community - we will be bringing back our annual Super Bowl Fundraisers for the MN Baseball Boosters this year, please see the below details.  All proceeds go back into the program. 

 Super Bowl

·  Date:  Feb 3rd @ 6pm.  

·  What?: Food, drink & football! 

·  Location: Barnaby's Havertown

·  Cost:  Pre-order $30 for adults, $15 kids via Venmo or provide cash/ check made payable to MNHS Baseball Boosters.  At the door cost is $35 & $20.

·  ACTION:  Please contact Jamie Micewski ( to sign up today and include the number of adults/children who will be attending.  

Block Pool: 

·  As in years past, a $25 block pool will be available (a fan favorite!) with half the proceeds going back to the MNHS Baseball Boosters.  If you would like to purchase blocks, please advise George Downs ( and spread the word to family & friends. 


As always, thank you very much.  Go Eagles!

Background Checks

The Pennsylvania State Legislature has passed a law that all persons having repetitive contact with children must have the following clearances; Criminal History from the Pennsylvania State Police; and Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services.

All Managers and Coaches must submit a background check and obtain the following certifications:

1) Report of Criminal History from the PA State Police (PSP)

2) Child Abuse History Certification from the Department of Human Services (Child Abuse)

The PA clearances are free for volunteers and are good for 60 months (5 years).  The Commonwealth will waive payment for volunteer clearances every 57 months.  For more information concerning the background checks please visit:


Because you are a volunteer you do not have to pay for a background check.


Coach Certification

 Coach Certification Course - Babe Ruth League

All team managers and coaches for the Babe Ruth League must complete an online training course offered by Babe Ruth League Coaching Education Center.  The online course may be found at:



Babe Ruth League Bat Rules can be found at the following link:

2018 BN Babe Ruth Bat Rule Changes