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We are excited to announce that tryouts have been set:

When: Thursday August 3

Time: 6PM - Please arrive by 5:45PM to check in 

Location: Heavenly Farms 440 Dunhams Corner Road East Brunswick NJ 08816 - This field is being used for tryouts and will not be our main practice field. Our practice field(s) will be determined once the team roster has been set.

Every effort should be made to attend however if you are unable to attend an alternate date may be coordinated.

Please E-mail with any questions or concerns.

Please follow these steps if you would like to register.

  1. Click "Tryout Registration" on the left hand side.
  2. Click 2017 Softball Tryout Registration.
  3. Complete all required information and Click Submit.
Here are some questions you may be asking yourself:
  • Will the coaches daughters be on the team? Our daughters will be on the team. My daughter has been playing softball since kindergarten and travel for the past 4 years. She plays 3rd, LF, RF and a little first base. The other Coaches daughter has also been playing since kindergarten and travel for the past 4 years. She is a Pitcher, SS, 2B and OF.
  • I have been on a team where my daughter plays the same position as the coaches daughter. Will she get a chance to play that position or will she have to learn a new position? Our daughters will not play 100% of the time. We expect each girl to be able to play 2 or 3 positions. As they prepare to play for a school team, we believe all the girls should at a minimum have a secondary position. Outside of Pitcher and Catcher, play time will be close to equal.
  • What do you think will be the skill level of the team? We strongly believe that we can be a mid-level B team. If your daughter is looking to play for an SEC or PAC-10 school in college then this is not the team for her. We recognize that many of the girls softball careers will end when they graduate high school, but we don't want that love of the game to stop. 
  • Is this a mixed age team or all from one year? The final determination will not be known until after tryouts, but this team will be considered a second year 14U team.
  • Where will the team practice? We are looking into fields in South Brunswick, North Brunswick, and Montgomery. There may be a mix or at one location, but this will be determined by availability and cost.
  • What will be the schedule? During the Fall (September - October) we would like to try to practice 1 to 2 times per week with about 3 or 4 tournaments. During the Winter (January - February) we will practice once a week. During the Spring (April - May), we recognize the girls will be practicing or playing 5-6 days a week for their school, but we would like to get the team together at least once a week if schedules permit. During the Summer (Early June - July) practice twice a week with at least 5 tournaments. Traveling for an out of state tournament will be discussed once the team is formed.
  • What kind of commitment is expected of my daughter? As a girl that loves softball we would expect her to have a strong commitment to the team, especially once we finalize the schedule. With that being said, we will not stop a girl from wanting to play another sport or club during the Fall and Winter. During the Spring we expect school team to take priority, but during the Summer we expect a strong commitment to the schedule. We recognize there may be special events in a child or families life that the girl should not miss. In the end, we are parents first and ask that you communicate with us about any conflicts.
  • What will be the cost? The budget is still being built. As this is our inaugural season it may be a little more than what you are paying this year. Every effort will be made to keep costs down and the budget and financials will be shared with all. 
  • Is there any fundraising? Fundraising is something we can discuss once the team is formed. Obviously, it can help defer the out of pocket cost, but it shouldn't be something that adds stress to our lives.


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