With the launch of Spring season a few helpful reminders:


Some Parks may release field schedules on their respective FaceBook pages otherwise you will have field assignment once you arrive @ the Park.


There is a $2 gate fee for spectators at all Parks with the exception of Benton. 


Home Team is required to keep a scorebook.  Should you have questions prior to the game please give us a call. 


In the event you need to pick-up a player for your league game the following must be followed:


1 - The player must be from an age group below.

2 - This player must be a registered league player with Saline County League.


Thank you,

BSA Board


Season Launch
Venue Status
Bishop Park
Bishop Park _ F1
Bishop Park _ F2
Bishop Park _ F3
Bishop Park _ F4
Bishop Park _ F5
Bishop Park _ F6
Shobe Road _ F1 (Right)
Shobe Road _ F2 (Bottom)
Shobe Road _ F3 (Left Smaller)