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2019 League Scoreboard

Lower Bucks County Youth/Prep Legion

Northampton was the Youth Legion League Champion and Eastern Regional Champion (Manager – Skip Reichert)

Newtown was the Prep Legion League Champion and PA State Champion (Manager - Joe Anhalt)

2019 Champions!

July 18, 2019

Lower Bucks County Youth/Prep Legion

Northampton was the Youth Legion League Champion (Manager – Skip Reichert)

Northampton, Yardley-Morrisville, and Newtown are heading to Regionals!

TBD: Prep Legion League Champion 

American Legion Code of Sportsmanship


American Legion Code of Sportsmanship

I Will Keep The Rules.
I Will Keep Faith with my Teammates.
I Will Keep my Temper.
I Will Keep myself Fit.
I Will Keep a Stout Heart in Defeat.
I Will Keep my Pride under in Victory.
I Will Keep a Sound Soul, a Clean Mind, & a Healthy Body.

Lower Bucks County Various Rules


-EH can be used, doesn't have to be. 
If it is, it must be noted on the lineup card that is submitted at start of play.

-EH can never play defensively.

-Can sub out from bench for another EH, using all regular sub rules, but they must go into that lineup spot.

-The EH can bat anywhere in the lineup.

-If a team elects to use an EH – that spot in the lineup must remain the EH for the rest of the game.

2. lineup changes *must* go through the umpires.  Players not listed on the lineup card may not play in that game, and also may not play in any make-up/continuation of that game if they were never on the card submitted.  Jersey numbers listed on the lineup card must be accurate or teams could face "batting out of order".

3. Teams must have 9 players to play.  If you fall below 9, you forfeit.  This includes if a player is ejected or injured.  A team that falls below 9 will forfeit that game.

4. Players who are ejected must leave the ball park and are automatically suspended for the next game as well.

5. We do not use the courtesy runner rule in Bucks County.

Tie Breakers

Here is how tie breakers are handled and the website doesn't calculate all of this:

1. Record against opponent
2. Record against play-off teams
3. Run differential against opponent
4. Run differential against play-off teams
5. Coin flip