SSC Youth Basketball Championship

Single Elimination Tournament for all Divisions.  All players will receive a trophy and League T-Shirt.  This is supposed to be a fun event for the Children.  Please set an example for the kids by displaying good sportsmanship and limiting your cheering / comments to encouragement for your child's team.



Sunday, March 25th



Itty Biddy Division

1:30 Championship Game

D. Payne vs  L. Hawkins


Girls Division

2:25 Championship Game

G. Hoffman vs W. Booker


Biddy Division

3:20 Game 1  J. Holloway  vs.  B. Robinson

4:15 Game 2  K. Redmond vs. D. Antone

5:10 Game 3  Winner Game 1 vs.  D. Bradley

6:05 Game 4  Winner Game 2 vs.  L. Haynes

7:00 Championship Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4