New Hope Academy

2019 BWGIT Champions!




 BWGIT 2019 Schedule of Events


 Thursday, February 28th


3:15pm:  Game #1  New Hope Academy 109  vs.  Bishop Walsh School 23  (Final)

4:45pm:  Game #2  Elizabeth Seton HS 44  vs.  St. Frances Academy 53  (Final)

6:15pm:  Game #3  Riverdale Baptist School 68  vs.  McDonogh School 48  (Final)

8:00pm:  Game #4  Saint James School 55  vs.  Bishop McNamara HS 70  (Final)


 Friday, March 1st


2:45pm:  Game #5  Bishop Walsh 19  vs.  Elizabeth Seton 73  (Final)

 4:15pm:  Game #6  Saint James 28  vs.  McDonogh 63  (Final)

 5:45pm:  Game #7  St. Frances 37  vs.  New Hope Academy 42  (Final)

 7:30pm:  Game #8  Bishop McNamara 70  vs.  Riverdale Baptist 51  (Final)


Saturday, March 2nd


1:00pm:  Game #9  Bishop Walsh 29  vs.  Saint James 63  (Final)

   2:30pm:  Game #10  Elizabeth Seton 34  vs.  McDonogh 55  (Final)

  4:00pm:  Game #11  St. Frances 75  vs.  Riverdale Baptist 66  (Final)

  6:15pm:  Championship Game  New Hope 56  vs.  Bishop McNamara 43 (Final)



Welcome to the 25th Annual Bishop Walsh Girls Invitational Tournament!  We hope you will join us February 28 - March 2nd, for a weekend of great basketball as we host seven teams from the Hagerstown, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. areas. For 25 years, we have continued a rich tradition of combining basketball and sportsmanship with the hospitality known so well throughout the Cumberland, Maryland area. 

Beginning in 1961, LaSalle High School, then later Bishop Walsh School, served as host for the Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament (ACIT).  This tournament provided post-season play for male athletes attending Catholic schools not eligible for the state playoff system.  I was fortunate to participate first as a player then later as a coach in the ACIT, and I knew how much these opportunities meant to me personally.

When I started coaching the girls varsity basketball team at Bishop Walsh, I realized something was missing.  There was no opportunity for female athletes attending Catholic schools to participate in post-season play.  In 1995, my good friend and assistant coach, Denny McCormick, teamed up with me to organize an event that would become the 1st Bishop Walsh Girls Invitational Tournament (BWGIT).  With just six weeks to establish the first event, we chose to start with a four-team tournament. Fortunately, Elizabeth Seton High School from Bladensburg, Md., was nationally ranked that year, providing an enormous boost for our tournament. We will always be appreciative to Elizabeth Seton School, and then coach, Amy Fellows, for making our event such a success.  Selecting one team from the WCAC in DC, one team from Baltimore, MD, and one team from the Philadelphia Catholic League proved to be an excellent decision on our part.  When players and coaches of these teams returned home from the initial tournament, the word spread very quickly about the hospitality, great basketball, and sportsmanship they witnessed in Cumberland, Md.

Within weeks, I was flooded with requests from teams to be considered for the 1996 BWGIT.  This growing interest in the tournament provided us the opportunity to increase the field to eight teams. Since then, for the next 24 years, we have hosted some of the top teams from Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  By researching the BWGIT web site, you can see the caliber of teams and players that have made this tournament so highly regarded.  Our tournament is well attended by major college coaches from all over the nation, and we have received many compliments from these coaches on the caliber of our tournament.  The cooperation and assistance we have received over the years from great high school coaches such as Eddie Simpson, Marie Williams, Patti Langworthy, Brian Morris, Amy Fellows, Mike Teasley, Barry Kirsch, Richard Brown, Tom Splaine, Jackie Boswell, Candy Cage, Jazz Perozi, Jerome Shelton,  Brad Rees, Jonathan Scribner, Sam Caldwell, and Mike Bozeman has been an essential part of our success.  Not to mention the lifelong friendships I have personally developed with most of these people.  The support and assistance we receive every year from Joe Reyda of the WCAC, has been outstanding.  I want to send a personal thank you to each of them.

The success of the BWGIT is a tribute to the hard work of the parents and administration from Bishop Walsh, the members and officers of the Bishop Walsh Athletic Association, the support from the City of Cumberland and all the area businesses that have sponsored us over the years.  For the fifth year now, Kathy Turnbull has served as the Co-Chairperson. Work commitments have made it impossible for Troy Thomas to help again this year, and he has been sadly missed! Kathy has been invaluable to both myself and the Tournament.  Through her efforts, the BWGIT has remained second to none as a post season event.  Ashley Turnbull will manage all invoices.  Denny Stevens will once again be our head statistician and will be assisted by his wife Patty and Mike Garlitz.  Jeanna Cessna will be in charge of the main gate duties, and Bill Devlin will once more handle the stat crew. Rich Biancone will be in charge of the trophies and t-shirts and will handle the pasta dinner on Thursday.  The Bishop Walsh Office Staff will produce and print the tournament program.  Chris Mathews will handle finances, and Dr. Ray Kiddy will serve as gym floor manager. Shelly Bako, Heather Bearinger, and Lyaundra Cromwell will coordinate the adult and student hospitality rooms at the hotel.  Rich Biancone, Shelly Bako, Carla Appel and Eric Ruble will head up the concession crew with assistance from many parents.  Ashley and Kathy Turnbull will be in charge of making badges and maintaining the tournament website, Facebook page, and Twitter accounts. There are so many more individuals who make major contributions, but are too numerous to mention.  It is a tribute to everyone involved who makes the BWGIT such a great Tournament!

In closing, I would like to invite all of you to witness for yourselves, Girl's Basketball at its finest!  Please join us on February 28th, March 1st, and March 2nd for the 25nd Annual BWGIT.


Thank You, 


Robert “Bob” Boyle

Tournament Director


NOTE: We are always looking for teams interested in our event, but, unfortunately, many schools participate in a state play-off system that prohibits additional post-season tournaments. Any teams that are eligible to participate in the BWGIT are asked to e-mail the tournament director at



Congratulations 2019 BWGIT Teams!


Bishop McNamara High School - Forestville, MD

Bishop Walsh School (HOST) - Cumberland, MD

Elizabeth Seton High School - Bladensburg, MD

McDonogh School - Owings Mills, MD

New Hope Academy - Hyattsville, MD

Riverdale Baptist School - Upper Marlboro, MD

Saint James School - Hagerstown, MD

St. Frances Academy - Baltimore, MD