C3 Basketball Academy has thee primary goals: Development, Educate,and Exposure. This program focuses on fundamental skill development and player improvement throughout each season. This program also helps International students become productive American citizens. Players have the opportunity to play on very competitive teams, and  be housed as International students, which participate in high level, exposure-based tournaments. Each player is given individual instruction and college guidance and an opportunity to play Simi-Pro Basketball.

  • One on One Peer Counseling 
  • Tutoring 
  • Schooling 
  • Boys Grades 8th-12th
  • Weekly Team Practices (4) & I'm Possible Training Sessions (2)
  • Highly Qualified, Non-Parent Coaches
  • Maximum of 15 Players per Team
  • Dedicated, High Level Players
  • Only 2 Teams 
  • Organized & Intense Instruction
  • Regional & National Exposure Tournaments
  • Go Pro(ABA) After High School is Offered


 Sponsored and Affiliations: Adidas/ABA/NJ Vauxhall Printing/CoachUpTraining/YourSport Team Wear/ Whitecox & Lyons Sports Management and many more

 Coaching Philosophy


C3 Basketball Academy: plays a up-tempo style offense (Triangle and Motion) and a Full Court and Zone Trapping defense

          We Teach and promote  R.E.A.L Basketball

R-Respect, Respect for yourself and others around you

E-Education, Without education there is no basketball

A-Ability, being able to take on any challange

L-Loyality, being loyal to your teammates on and off the court

Without these four great concepts you will not make it hear or in life !!!