To All AC Parents & Friends:  PLEASE READ!!!!

The Board of Directors is putting together a plan to open Fall sports. We are taking a survey from parents to see who would be interested in helping the club reopen and follow all COVID-19 rules.

Please note we will hold online registration only, deadlines will be enforced, prices will reflect the club's cost.

We will need more volunteers to help follow safety rules. Waivers will be signed by all participants & guardians, COVID19 regulations will be followed with no exceptions.

There will be a meeting held for questions and answers Wednesday evening, August 5th, @ 7pm, at the Collingdale Park Pavillion.

Coaches will be required to attend this meeting and follow our Action Plan for reopening.

Parents, WITHOUT YOUR HELP & participation we will NOT be able to proceed with the Fall season. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please EMAIL us at if you want your child to play Fall sports. And also let us know if you would be interested in volunteering.  

The Collingdale Athletic Club
Board of Directors

PS: Please bring your own chair and mask, remember all social distancing rules. This is a requirement and for everyone's safety.



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The Collingdale Athletic Club's all sports programs, uses regulation competitive league rules, teaches skills, mental and physical development, a respect for the rules of the game, and basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play.


In all aspects, Collingdale Athletic Club is committed to providing our participants the very best educational, sports experience possible. It is our fundamental belief that every child with a desire to play athletics be afforded that opportunity.

Always contact your Coach and Sport Commissioner for recent updates and changes to the schedules. There will be text/email alerts sent out from this website for last minute changes.


For additional information email: Collingdale A.C. President ,or Collingdale A.C. Vice President