We will be out of the office until April 30th. At this time we will push Session 4 back to start on May 2nd. You can contact us by email at information@cagesports.com  


Session 3 Results

We would like to thank everyone for the support and making this year's Session 3 Winter league a great experience.

Because we were unable to have playoffs,we will be giving all teams that played in Session 3 a $50 credit toward their next league.  Stay safe out there and we look forward to talking to you all soon! 

League Winners:

Boys 4th Grade:
1st Place - Grit
2nd Place - Flint Pal

Boys 5th Grade:
1st Place - (3 way tie) Cardinals, Muth 11u, Lockhart Roofing Blue Devils
2nd Place - Cros-Lex Pioneers

Boys 6th Grade:
1st Place - Flushing Raiders
2nd Place - (2 way tie) Eagles, Thunder

Girls 4th Grade:
1st Place - Raiders
2nd Place - Lake Fenton

Girls 5th Grade:
1st Place - Heat
2nd Place - Bostons Ballers

Girls 6th Grade:
1st Place - Swartz Creek
2nd Place - Michigan Select

Girls 7th Grade:
1st Place - Goodrich
2nd Place - Capital Area Cougars

Girls 8th Grade:
1st Place - Hot Shots
2nd Place - Mid Michigan Heat