Teenage Concession Stand Schedule is posted under the Handouts tab

Please be sure to have 2 adults working for each shift.

*If a team does not show up to work their shift, the Manager will be suspended the next game.  No exceptions.

Thank you! 

Concession Stand Schedule is posted under the Handouts tab

Thank you for helping us make this a Great Season! 

2018 Season Under Way!

-Official Score books, pitch count books and score board controllers are located in concession stand immediately to the left when you open the door. First teams of the day should gather the items and take them to proper field. Last teams of the day should return ALL items to the concession stand IMMEDIATELY after game.

-First teams of the day are responsible for field preparations including chalking the field. Last teams of evening should rake and water fields. Please help maintain our fields for the duration of the season.

-Remember to respect the NEW facilities!

Read ALL posted signs. The new restrooms are cooled and doors should remain closed at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation in making this season the BEST ever!


Teenage Registration, ongoing!


Players will be contacted by Monday 4/23.  If you don't hear from your coach please let us know.

Thank you and have a Great Season!