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Nevaeh Davalos  16u  2017 2nd team All-League
Jc Sanders   16u/18u    2017 EYL Honorable Mention
Taylor Valerio 16u  (frosh) 2017 Honorable mention
Aaliyah Cuevas Cal-High All State Nominee  2015/2016 
Aaliyah Cuevas (Soph)   2014/2015/2016   First Team All League  16u
Destiny Ricks (Freshman)  2015/2016 1st team  2nd Team All League 16u
Daisha Ricks (Freshman)      2014  2nd Team All League  16u
Emily Chavira (Junior)    2015/2016  2nd Team All League 16u
Elizabeth Cuevas     2015  1st Team All League
Alyssa Geiger (Junior)   2015 Honorable Mention
Liliana Berber (Jr.)  2014/2015/2016 MVP and First Team All League 18u
Destiny Estrada (jr)  2015/2016 First Team All League
Britany Estrada (jr) 2015 First Team All league
Sophia Delbosque (Jr) 2015/2016 First Team All league
Shantae Guitterez (jr)  2015  First Team All League
Tea Layne (sr)  2016-2017 All League

Valley Champions:

Aaliyah Cuevas  (jr) Madera High 2x
Leslie Murillo  (jr)  Madera High
Mayra Mendez (sr)  Madera High 2x
Emily Chavira  (Junior)  Madera High 2x
Hailey Van Elswyk  (Soph)  Central High (Runner-up)
Katie Delgadillo  (Jr)  Selma High (Runner-up) 2x, 2017 Valley Champion
Daisha Ricks (Soph)  Madera high 2x
Destiny Ricks (Fresh) Madera high 2x
Alyssa Geiger (Junior) Madera high 2x
Lexi Carmona (Soph)  Madera High 2x
Haley Perez  (Fresh)  Madera high 2x
Jocelyn Zambrano (Soph) Madera High
Sophia Delbosque (jr)  Orange Cove 2x
Shantae Gutierrez (jr)  Orange Cove 2x
Liliana Berber  (sr)  Firebaugh high
Tea Layne  (sr)  Madera High  2x

Fresno State University-  Aaliyah Cuevas  2017
St Augustine North Carolina- Liliana Berber 2016
York Nebraska- Emily Chavira  2016
College of Sequias -  Cynthia Martinez (utility, 2nd)  2014
Merced College-       Elizabeth Cuevas (catcher)  2015
St Marys University-  Alison Johnson  2016
Fresno City College- Mayra Mendez (Utility) 2016
Merced College-  Drew Torres 2017
Fresno City College- Melanie Morales 2017
Fresno City College-Alyssa Sanchez 2017

All-Star Team: 

2017 City/County All-Star Team 1st Team Aaliyah Cuevas (sr)
2017 City/County All-Star Team 1st Team Alyssa Sanchez (sr)



Congrats 90% of our athletes have made Varsity there freshman year in 2017

Good job coaches the 16u/18u players have made Varsity for first time and especially all of our Freshman making Varsity. This is a big accomplishment

Official Invite for our Organization to the Triple Crown Zoom into June Tourney

Congrats to California Destroyers Organization for the invite to the best tournament in the State...

Thanks to our older players who set the stage in representing in So-Cal this last few years.  


California Destroyers "A" Ball Travel 

Organization:  ASA, Triple Crown, and PGF.  Dedicated in the development of future College Student Athletes.

Good Luck To Aaliyah on Jan 21-22 Jr. National Softball Tryouts

Mexico Jr. Nationals Softball Team Coaches  and Aaliyah Cuevas.   Attending Junior National tryouts was a great experience and will see if Aaliyah makes team.    


AALIYAH CUEVAS commits to playing for Fresno State Bulldogs.  Great Job Aaliyah you have worked so hard to fulfill your dream of being a Bulldog.  In 2017 it will be reality...  Another Destroyer Playing in college....

2017 TRYOUTS will be ongoing till teams are full

There is always Private Tryouts for all age groups.. We never want to overlook a good player...

12u-2005 Visalia   Ochoa  559-799-7999
12u-2005 fresno    Gomez 559-907-6703
12u-2004  Fresno Moite  559-367-5362 NEEDS A pitcher
14u-2003 Visalia    Leroy   559-827-8661
16u- Johnson Fresno  559-281-3490 needs players all spots open
16u-2002-Cuevas (Central VAlley)   559-363-6035
18U-Cuevas  (Central Valley )  559-363-6035          

2016 ASA Champions Cup update: Congrats 18u-Cuevas Placed 38th out of 100+ Elite Gold teams

Good job to our girls.  We stepped up on Championship Day.  While half the teams went home, our young and small team where still left standing.  We beat the Arizona Hotshots Gold team 8-0.  This team had 10 D1 n D2 signed players.  But we played Destroyer ball.  We finally loss to another loaded All American Sports Academy 18u Gold team 6-3.  We had this team beat all the way to the 4th inning.  But it was a great game...they Ended up winning next 2 games......

Congrats to Our 18u Destroyers Player Emily Chavira:

Emily has signed a letter of intent to play for YORK COLLEGE IN NEBRASKA.  Emily has been offered  a Scholarship to play in 2016.  Emily will be playing first and pitcher.  In this past two years Emily has grown and become a leader for Destroyers on and off the field.  She has helped Madera High School win a Valley Championship in 2015.  Emily has helped the Destroyers-Cuevas win a lot of games in this last two years with her big bat and Pitching.  Coach Cuevas is happy that She will continue to play in the next Level. 

Other Destroyers in College:
2016 Emily Chavira  will be playing in York College in Nebraska and played Pitcher/First for Coach Cuevas (2014-2016)

College Scrimmages:

Good job to the 18u Destroyers-Cuevas.  They had a tough schedule that included playing three top notch City Colleges and two gold teams.   In all 5 scrimmages that 18u full of young players 13-17 years of age showed why they where among the top teams in ASA in the Valley.  When the Coach batted and played all 14 players and still only loss by 1 point.  That is great coaching.  The coach believes that scrimmages are meant for the team to work and get better and at the same time compete.  That's why everybody plays.    Good job girls. 

If you want to watch them play in there 2 final showcases:

Grapettes NAIA Showcase in Stockton Oct 29-30

Surf City Las Vegas Showcase November 4-6

Congrats Liliana Berber

Berber has signed with St. Augustine, North Carolina on a full scholarship to play Softball and Volleyball.  Liliana Berber is such a great athlete and we are glad to have coached her for the past three years.  Great job Coach Jason and Coach Jose


Come and support your team take on Fresno City.  Good luck girls and coaching staff.


Great Job Coaching Staff.  Playing Colleges is the highest level of scrimmages a travel team can play in.  Good Job.  It was a one point game....Nice


Double header:

11am and 1pmEveryone is invited to attend and enjoy a competitive game.....

Thanks to all the 16 teams that attended our friendly we really appreciate it....

Good job Destroyers...I got a chance to see many of you in action.  keep up great work



Welcome to Destroyers website.  Most of our teams are ASA, PGF, and USSSA sanctioned.  Our organization has been in existance for over 10 years now.  Our mission is to provide every possible opportunity for each player to become the best scholar/athlete possible.  Our Organizational emphasis to promote important life skills and the development of good character through fastpitch softball.  

California Destroyers Coaches will promote the sport  of youth fastpitch softball to ages 7-18.  We will coach the fundamentals of softball as required by Amateur Sofball Association and all other youth softball associations.  Our goal as coaches is to coach our players to become Varsity High School and College players. 

California Destroyers Organization are for players that want to become a member of our high class organization.  We build players from the ground up, and make them Elite players that everyone scouts.  That said, we are coaches that coach and implement the best coaching techniques possible.          

2017 California Destroyers Organization

We would like to thank all of the new and returning coaches and players.  2017 should be one of the best years ever.  All of our teams will be moving up to the next level of competition.  All of the teams will be playing ASA, PGF, Triple Crown, and some NSA.  We are a young organization that has been together for the past 10 years and grown from 5 players to 100 players. 

We are happy to be the only organization to develop players and not just manage them.  Our organization is not afraid of raw talented players because we coach and develop players.  We have one of the highest retention rates of past players than any other organization.  Our coaches in all age groups are loyal to the player and family.  We are a family oriented organization that cares about you and not just your wallet.  So many organizations look forward to try and recruit our players because they are well coached and talented.  But, those are the same organizations that look the other way when they first needed a team.  There has been so many players that have gone through our development program.  We converted there level of play from average ball players to "A" ball players that are highly scouted. 

Our coaching staff in our organization have the ability to develop players because they have been involved with recreation programs.  There hand chosen because they coach the fundamentals needed for college and high school.  All of our coaches are not here to manage, but to coach.  They do not get paid, but volunteer there time.  They do not expect you to know it all, but expect you to learn it all.  California Destroyers are the players of the future and of today....      

Congrats to our Destroyer College Athletes

Good Job Elizabeth and Yena on helping the Sundevils rank 2nd in state achieve success this season. 

California Destroyers are Now Sponsored by Anderson Bat Company for 2015

Hard work finally pays off.  We are proud to have been selected and sponsored by a great bat company that will now power all of our players to excel at the plate by using the Anderson Bat Company Bats like Rocketech and Supernova.  We have used Rocketech since 2009 and now proud to be recognized as part of The Anderson Bat Company Family.  Every team from North and South California has played against our Destroyer Teams and know us as great hitters.   Now that we are powered by Rocketech and Supernova bats they better watch out.  We expect a lot more homeruns and harder hitting balls.   


Thanks to all the Destroyers teams for contributing there time to help others and I hope this provides a stepping stone for other organizations to follow::

Christmas:   Donated candy, toys, and drinks to 11 young kids with disabilities grades k-2.  This kids wouldnt have any Christmas stockings or toys if it wasn't for our organization stepping up to the plate.

Thanksgiving:  Donated canned foods from previous friendly and donated money to help feed the needy and homeless at Madera Rescue Mission.

Breast Cancer October Month:  We donated gift baskets for raffle and donated money to help fight Breast Cancer at the Breast Cancer Tournament in clovis california...