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2015 Westport Razor Clamming


Westport 2013 


Watch the Salmon Strike Under water


2012 Westport Salmon Season

Matthew's 21 Lb Silver, Laborday Weekend 2012

Jean Louise 41 lber Caught August 8th, 2011

2011 August Kings

Matthew's 36lber Caught also August 8th, 2011

Zack's 26 lber Caught in Late August 2011

Dave's 30 Lber and Troy's 27lber

Mike Brown Fighting a Monster

Mike Browns 38 LBer

See what Ron's Plug catches..

Jean's 38 Lber caught the day after caughing her 41lber on August 9th, 2011

 Zack's 20 LB Hatchery Silver Caught in Westport


Kirk's 43 lber Caught 8/8/09

43 In. Long X 26 In. Around..

Our Kids holding a Big One

Kirk and Jean

The Early Years How it All Started


Columbia River Kings
Jean's 35lber in the middle

Kirk's 55.3 LBS King Salmon Out of WestPort, WA

Our Westport Condo

Shawn Calkins 75 LB King from Kenia, Alaska

our favorite Plugs

Ron Holding a 40 LB Westport King

Elliott Bay Kings

Kirk's Elliott Bay King 35 LBS

Soup Fin Shark

Calm Seas

Early Morning on the New Halem

Another Sunset at the Wheeler Lodge