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Bacon Season is almost here!

The CND Bacon line up is coming together and the boys are hitting the gym and on the ice for training camp.

So far returnies to The Bacon club are:

Trev Fray
Jason Dale
Corey Thompson
Mike McElroy
Zack McElroy
Chad Kawi
Ryan McAllen
Kyle Lewis
Matt McGowan
Dave McElroy

New Baconators:
Garret Mckinnon
Shawn Peterson

Bacon still has on going contract talks with F Kyle Rutledge, F Kurt Fray and F Jesse Toms. Looks like this may go to arbritration.

F Corey Waite is missing and if anyone has any information, please contact the managment team.

Bacon still have an issue between the pipes this summer as they have yet to sign a number one goalie.