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Captains Practice
"Better then Babysitting" Live in Fairfield County and looking for help this summer developing your budding athlete? Looking for a fun way to get your kids a boost academically as well? Want to hire a role model who provides solid instruction and academic tutoring at a fraction of the cost of private instruction?

Enter Captains Practice. Here you will find the Captains of Varsity Sports teams from the Hopkins School in New Haven. Hopkins is recognized by Forbes magazine as the best prep school in Connecticut and the 19th best private school in the country. The majority of our current instructors will go on to play sports in college, often in the Ivy League or NESCAC conference. As student athletes elected as Captains by the peers, our instructors possess the type of leadership, sportsmanship and poise you would expect in a player selected to lead the team. This current crop of Captains is extremely accomplished academically with SAT scores ranging from 2280 to 2340.

As one family put it "Captains Practice has the kids I want my own child to grow up to be like".

Captains Practice provide a hybrid of sports instruction, tutoring, and sitting services. A summer spent with these student athletes, often running the same drills run during high school practices is sure to give your child a boost. At only a slight premium to your average charge for a babysitter, Captains Practice provides a great alternative to $100 per hour private lessons.

Math Packets, Summer Reading, Foreign language skills, we do it all. The instructors bring both excellent academic achievement and fun personalities to help your child get ahead. All for a much more attractive rate then a summer spent with private tutors.

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