Rebounding Fundamentals never hurt anyone

Great tips from the pros on how to improve your rebounding skills



Pass and Cut!

Ball movement is important especially to throw off your opponent's defensive scheme. Player movement especially those without the ball is equally important. Why? Well, you want to get open so your teammate with the ball has someone to throw to without it getting stolen. So how do you get open? This pass and cut drill is a great example! It is sometimes referred to as a 'give and go.' Throw some fakes or 'juke' moves in there to throw off your opponent and you will be open for the pass in no time!


Jump, Stop, and Pop

Follow this drill when learning to improve upon your jump shot. You want to have your body in the most stable position where your shoulders are squared up and aligned to the basket before you take the shot. Keep practicing this and your shot percentage will surely improve.

Second to mastering the art of dribbling at this stage in your game, layups are a fundamental aspect of your basketball toolkit. As this video states, use the backboard at all times and be sure you are jumping off the correct foot depending on what side you go up for the shot. 

Take a look!



Welcome to the Cardinals 5th Grade CYO Basketball Site!

2018-2019 CYO Basketball Season

First year where we will have an end of season tournament! Definitely something to be excited about! 


Click on TEAMS & ROSTERS | TEAMS & ROSTERS to view player statistics.


The LeagueLineup site offers us many options to track individual and team statistics as we progress throughout the season.


For this purpose, we will track playing minutes and the basic statistics (MPG, PPG, FG% and FT%) for this season to better assess the players strengths and challenges. It will help us better design the practices in the areas that need improvement while simultaneously improving in the areas where the boys excel.


This is the first season where we are truly tracking these metrics so bear with us as we get through the refinement process. 


We are looking forward to a exciting fun-filled season!

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