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5 Great Ways to Learn Ballroom Dancing

The reasons to learn ballroom dance are many and varied: some people just love the idea of gliding effortlessly round the dance floor; a few see it as a fun way to tone up and get healthy; for many it may be a necessity to avoid embarrassment at a social event like a wedding or college formal. It seems so easy when the pros demonstrate the various dance steps! Nevertheless, many a prospective dancer has found to her or his dismay that "two left feet" syndrome all-too-easily kicks in.

Instead of simply stumble through trusting that you'll somehow figure out just how to get it correctly, it is a fantastic idea to get some proper instruction from the start. So, pull on your dance shoes, and let us look at the ways you can learn to ballroom dance.


Often in local dance halls and nightclubs, especially in country regions, the organizers will give some very simple instructions about the dance moves. This will give you a good idea of the most basic moves and will be sufficient if all you want is to have the ability to get around the dance floor without creating a total idiot of yourself. If you would like anything beyond a simple, enjoyable night out, but you'll require a little more detailed instruction than this.

2. Casual Personal Tuition.

If you are lucky enough to know a person who's an accomplished ballroom dancer and may persuade him or her to give you caretodance lessons, you can have the best of both worlds. Not only are you going to learn how to dance, but you'll be able to schedule your lessons at a time that is suitable to the two of you. You will also be deepening your relationship with your buddy as you like the social aspect of ballroom dancing together. As with learning how to drive, but the dilemma is that if your instructor doesn't really understand what he's performing, you could end up studying some very bad habits.

3. Formal Group Dance Lessons

Group dancing courses are offered for each age group from pre-school to seniors, and for every level of expertise. Even if you have never set foot on a dance floor, and don't understand a waltz from a tango, you should not have any trouble finding a class to teach you the basics. Once you've started, you'll want to go to learn more. Advanced courses will provide you with new skills, and the chance to compete against other people. The regional telephone directory is the perfect place to start searching for these classes.

However, whilst some people today flourish in a group learning situation, others find it overwhelming, and for them it would be best to seek out a different solution.

4. Formal Private Dance Tuition.

Though it's the costliest option, in case your wallet will make it might be the perfect thing to do. Private lessons give you one-on-one instruction, together with the opportunity for the instructor to immediately correct any areas in which you might be making errors. Private tuition also allows you to move at your own pace, spending more time on areas in which you are struggling and not as on people you find simple. You won't need to worry about other students getting before you or lagging. Video Dance Instruction

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