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Caribooze do not exist in 2017  


2017 Season


    The Caribooze only had eight confirmed players by the time the team rep meeting rolled around, bringing an abrupt end to a team that has been in steady decline over many years.

    Will the Caribooze emerge from the forest and be competitive, or will they succumb to their "threatened with extinction" designation, and disappear forever?


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2016 Season

The Caribooze are back in action!!

2015 Caribooze getting ready to start

April 28, 2015

The Caribooze descent among the ranks sees them starting their eighth season in Tier III, banished from the Powerade Center fields.

A different team is set to take the field this year. Caribooze veterans Derek, Vee and Bruce are not on the roster, however, there is a renewed hope as they welcome five new players to the mix.

Only time will tell if the Caribooze can get back to their winning ways. The new season starts this Thursday!

Caribooze gearing up for the 2014 campaign!!

The Caribooze have been hitting the cages every Thursday in anticipation of the 2014 season!! The starting lineup has been set!


































WELCOME BACK!! The Caribooze 2013 campaign is underway!

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Caribooze have won 5 of their last 6 games!!! Now over .500!!!

July 20, 2012

Hitting Streaks

June 1, 2012
Here are our hitting streaks after 8 games!!
(You need at least 3 to make the list)

Raj, Derek, Vee - 8

Mat - 7

Bruce - 6

Chris, Steve - 5

Corey, Tony, Shane - 3

Mat's Mania!

May 28, 2012
Good games last night boys, and good drinking after the games too!

To recap, we scored 40 runs in 9 innings and as far as I can remember we swept a 2 game series with 2 mercies for the first time in Caribooze history!! I believe the final scores were 17-2 and 23-10… + 28 run differential is pretty sweet!!

Bruce officially christened the new bat with a monster 3 run shot off the left field light post… not bad for a saskatchatooner… of course a winnipegeger woulda hit the centre field light post but who’s counting?

Bruce also added an inside the parker, I believe DD and Vee also hit a couple inside the parkers… all of a sudden the ‘Booze seem to be hitting jacks like the 2010 blue jays!!

Besides the bombs, everyone was hitting up and down the lineup. They say hitting is contagious and it certainly was last night, but I think the key is that everyone didn’t try to do too much, we kept the line moving and hustled on every play and the Dicks obviously couldn’t handle it. But let’s be realistic, their defence absolutely SUCKED so we shouldn’t get too cocky, we need to bring that type of offence consistently against the top teams EVERY WEEK!

The defence was actually BETTER in the first game, which was a nice surprise… maybe we should show up 45 mins early and crush a two-four before every game!

Lastly, my two fav quotes from last night:

Jake after falling on his face over second base and bellyflop shimmying back to the bag: “That’s the dirtiest stand up double you’ll ever see”

Amar coaxing Bruce on while running the bases on his inside the parker: “C’mon Bruce, run like a deer is chasing you!!!”

Hahahahaaha!! Awesome!

Caribooze season opener!

May 14, 2012
Derek was the star yesterday, hit the skin off the ball all over the field… missed a grand slam by half a step as he was called out at the plate.

Bruce was Bruce… great pitching and hit the ball all over the field.

Raj went from a 32 year old speed demon last season to a 72 year old walking injury this year… if you can name a muscle group then you can bet Raj hurt it yesterday… but he was a trooper and stayed in it til the end… I hope you’re lying in a tub of ice as you read this Raj cuz we need you healthy against the queefers next week

Our rookie, Steve, was super shaky in the field (to put it nicely), but you can tell that was just rookie jitters cuz he was shagging em well in practice, looks like he just needs some more experience in the outfield in real games… but on the bat he was crushing the ball… exactly what we’ve been lacking the last couple of years, a big hoss that looks like he’ll be hitting a couple balls to the warning track every game.

Derek and I both got rocked by throws from the outfield when we were running bases, Derek got tagged in the wrist and I got it in the back… Derek dunno how your wrist is today but I can barely move my back and have a giant bruise… yup, feels good to get the season started!!!!!

Corey was the fielding star… all over the outfield making nice catches, keeping the ball in front of him, and hitting the cutoffs getting the ball in nice and quick… the P90X is working!!!!

Everyone else was pretty much status quo for what you’d expect.

Caribooze begin their 5th season!

May 11, 2012
The Caribooze added an offensive threat and dropped another tier to begin their fifth campaign.

Balanced competition will make this an intersting season.

Can the Caribooze find themselves and re-establish thier dominance in the extreme softball world?