Hello, and thank you for visiting the Canonsburg Premiere League Official Webpage.  The CPL, was originated by our Co-Commisioners Ryan Klan and Luke Palma, on March 2nd, 2018.  In a span of just one week, the league expanded from 2 teams to 12 teams.  We continue this year in 2019 with 11 new teams ready to compete to be crowned the soccer kings of Canonsburg. The overall idea is to provide a fun and competitive atmosphere of recreational soccer in order to better the community as a whole.  Thank you for your interest in the league, and if you have any questions you can reach out to us directly on Twitter @CBGPremiere.  

MVP Watch List  (Updated 3/26/19)

1.) Max Szalla             ^    NEW

2.) Sage Sterling         ^    NEW 

3.) Luke Palma            ^    NEW 

4.) Addie Roman          ^    NEW 

5.) Jimmy Baxter          ^    NEW 


Other Award Watchlists


The Cristiano Ronaldo Golden Ball (Most Goals Scored)

1.) Luke Palma

2.) Addie Roman

3.) Jimmy Baxter


The Dom Dodson Golden Boot (Most Assists)

1.) Ethan Beachy

2.) Sydney Snyder

3.) Tyler Crawford


The GiGi Buffon Golden Glove Award (Best Goalie)

1.) Dillon O’Donoghue

2.) Abby Hipkins

3.) Shane Klein


The Kawhi Leonard Defensive Player of the Year

1.) Litt Alred

2.) Connor McMahon

3.) Jake Bernens


The Luka Doncic Rookie of the Year

1.) Chris Viveros

2.) Alec Blazer

3.) Zane Freund


The Mike Tomlin Coach of the Year

1.) Aiden Walsh

2.) Charlie Wallace

3.) Dante Eannace


The Ryan Klan Award 

1.) Anthony Zanolla

2.) Ben Popko

3.) Rachel Kalkbrenner


The D'Angelo Russell Most Improved Player Award

1.) Elliott Waller

2.) Conlan O’Donoghue

3.) Emily Clopp


The Usain Bolt Most Electric Player Award

1.) Josh Byers

2.) Shane Klein

3.) Dale Spalveri


The Grayson Allen Dirtiest Player Award

1.) Samuel Tessyier

2.) Anthony Sacco

3.) Sage Sterling


The Mark Sanchez Worst Player of the Year Award

1.) Ryan Clendaniel

2.) Dylan Cottrill

3.) Anthony Zanolla


Congratulations to all members of the CPL Hall of Fame!


Class of 2018

Ryan Klan (FC Klan)

Kim (FC Kimsanity)

Dom Dodson (FC Clout / FC Meatheads)

Michael Krueger (FC Klan)

Michael Wilson (FC Klan)


Class of 2019







Hall of Fame inductees are unanimously selected by the CPL board, only players who are retired from the league are illegible for the Hall of Fame.  Only 5 players per year will be inducted into the CPL Hall of Fame, it is truly the highest honor.