CBL Code of Conduct

I will start off the code of conduct with what will get you suspended and who decides on the suspensions. These rules are your responsibility to read and know. We text all the captains at the beginning of every season to make sure all of you read and understand these rules. If you fail to do so, then it’s your own fault if you have to face any consequences Ned and I hand out.

1)   Players who yell, cuss, get in the face, or cause any kind of scene with other players or referees, MAY BE suspended or possibly expelled from the league. This rule is very strict. Again ANY ALTERCATION MAY LEAD TO A SUSPENSION.  Even if the following week is playoffs or a game your team really needs you to win to make playoffs. (THE SUSPENSION WILL BE REVIEWED AND DECIDED BY THE COMMISSIONERS)  

Again Quintin,Zaid & Ivan will decide whether a player is suspended or not. We will look at the situation and decide what is fair. We do not like suspending anyone so please do not put us in this situation.        

2)   All of these rules apply to the playoffs too!

Technical fouls during the game will result in 2 Free throws and the team who had the ball prior to the technical will get the ball. If the technical happens during free throws, the team will shoot the 2 free throws for the technical and then continue to shoot the foul free throws.

The only time a team will take 1 free throw shot for a technical is for a 6th personal foul, or if a team calls a time out with out any remaining. Every foul from 6 and up will be issued a 1 free throw technical. 

3 Technical's during the regular season is an automatic suspension for the next game. Once you receive a suspension your technical's reset. This is not a green light for you to keep getting technical's, if your behavior becomes too much for the league you may be kicked out the following season.  If your 3rd technical happens to be the last game of the season, Ned and Chris will decide on whether we will suspend you for the playoffs or the following season, depending on the severity of the technical. Just remember guys we don't want/like to suspend anyone but if you leave us no choice we will do it. 


If a team is missing a player during the regular season they can pick up a player that was drafted 2 rounds below. If the player missing is a 4th or 5th rounder you can pick anyone picked in the 5th Round. Also, remember it is your teams responsibility to let a sub know ahead of time. You can not pick up a captain for a missing 4th or 5th rounder. Below are the options for substitutions:

1st Rounder: 3rd, 4th and 5th round player. For a 1st rounder we will allow the team to pick a captain as a sub as well if they decide to.

2nd Rounder: 4th, and 5th round player. Also for a 2nd rounder we will allow a captain to sub.

3rd, 4th, and 5th Rounder’s: ONLY a 5th round player is eligible to sub for these players, NO CAPTAINS CAN SUB.

During the playoffs, if you are missing a player you have to run with 5 guys, no sub is allowed. If you are missing 2 players Chris and Nadeem will pick a player the feel is fair to sub. 


3) All players must wear a CBL jersey. If you don't have one, just buy any black/white jersey and print CBL and your number on it. SportLand has our print on file, if you want to go there.

4) If you don't have a jersey by the 2nd game of the season, the opposing team will receive 2 points. If the commissioners don't notice this in the beginning of the game, we can still enforce it any time in the 1st half. It's 2 points per person missing a jersey. (Also, it doesn't matter if the other team says they don't want the points, we are putting the points on the board regardless, so to make things easier just do it in the beginning so Ned and I don't have to.

5) Shooting during timeouts is fine. If you shoot please keep it to a minimum and as soon as the first buzzer/whistle sounds get off the court, the extra layup/shot is not going to do anything for you. If this is abused then we will just go back to no shooting at all.

Also, in the last 2 minutes of the game we do not want ANYONE shooting, please stay off the court to help get the game finished quickly.

6) The team playing next is the ONLY team that can shoot at half-time. They are up next so let them warm up for their game please.

7) All spectators, family members, kids, your boys etc. may not step on the court at any time or dribble any balls on the sideline. Please tell them in advance, so we don't have to.  

8) The player sideline is to be kept clear at all times. When you're done with your game, please leave the sideline as soon as possible. Penalties may be issued for violation of this rule.

 9) NEW OVERTIME RULE. OVERTIME WILL NOW BE 5 MINUTES and the clock will stop at 2 minutes.