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High Tide & Riptide Baseball & Softball


God made a softball player

They never tell us about the tenth day….

But on that day, God made a softball player….

With just enough dirt from the earth, and a little sweat from the sea
Just enough soft from the clouds, and a sturdy branch from a tree.
A little grass stain here and some blood for a bruise
He made a girl who’d accomplish anything in life she would choose.

He made her stronger than steel, and instilled love for her sisters
Strong enough to withstand wearing cleats that give blisters…

He made her heart in the shape of a perfectly round ball
Outlined by red seams with 88 stitches in all.

In each of those stitches, He gave her the gifts she would need
to take on the field – and to never concede.

He gave her strength in her hands, swiftness in her feet,
power in her swing to hit the ball deep.

A keen and fast eye to watch ‘balls’ go by
and wings to help her make the good pitches fly.

The ability to read a bad hop, to lay out for a ball,
To run and to dive, to slide and to crawl

She doesn’t mind sweating, the heat or the cold
The rain and the mud – to her, it never gets old.

He gave her an accurate arm, the sense to work with her glove
And a big ‘ol dose of something, that can only be LOVE!

Her heart would rather be on the field with a ball and her team
Than anywhere else in the entire world, it would seem.

He made softball her passion, her mindset is tough
She never gives up, even when things get real rough.

Hard work is her friend, persistence is her goal
The years on the field, take a positive toll.

He gave her the words to send up to Him when she plays
“Lord give me the strength to be awesome TODAY!”

She is beauty and grit, she sparkles & shines at the park
Seeing sunrises and sunsets and stars after dark.

Yes on that 10th day after the Earth was said and done
God made a softball player, who knew how to have fun. 

Then knowing she would need someone to help see her dreams through
He made softball parents to LOVE her, just like me and like YOU! 


Written by Stef Daniel / Copyright 2017 Softball is For Girls LLC

What makes Central Coast Riptide and High Tide different?

Our organization is founded on developmental principles that transcend the sport and develop the person.

Not just for our players. Each High Tide coach is a member of the NFCA. The National Fast Pitch Coaching Association is a group of college level, travel level, and Pro Ball  level coaches who make rules, share experiences and set the bar for professionalism in coaching today.

CC High Tide coaches are also trained in Inside Out Coaching and Values based coaching strategies to help our players go beyond sport. Someday a players skills will decrease, but what we leave a player on the inside, will go on for life. 

Tide Pride is more than winning a game, it’s winning in life.

Tim Holt


12u Fall Travel Team

July 26, 2019

Tuesday July 30th 4:30 to 6:30. 1220 Farrell Avenue Arroyo Grande behind Landmark  Missionary Baptist Church.

We are having an open tryout for our 12u Fall only travel team. We play mid August to October 31st. Our older girls from this team will transfer to our 14u team in Spring.

This team will be managed by our founder Tim Holt. He has coached softball for 15 years including our championship 18u gold teams and 5 years at Cuesta College. 

This is a great opportunity to play for a team that will grow each week!

Call Tim at 805-464-1608 and email your information to hightide18u@gmail.com

Its all about your future!

July 4, 2019

Join one of our teams. We are the longest contunual Travel Ball organization on the Central Coast. We have had  more players making it to their HS teams, and more opportunities to play in college than any other travel ball organization on the Central Coast.. Come find out why...

14u now forming in Spring. Team will be coached by college level coach.

For more info email hightide18U@gmail.com

18u Tryouts Makeup is May 19th 8:30am

May 7, 2018

Make Ups for this tryout are May 19th, 8:30 am at Cuesta College softball field.

Must be able to commit to tournaments and desire to make college a playing destination.

If you love to play hard, love to play ball, strive for constant improvement and are looking to move on to college, this may be a team for you. We offer college level coaching and a fun family oriented organization that has been on the Central Coast going on 9 years.

Contact Coach Holt 805-464-1608

High Tide Players Request Info-

April 5, 2019


Our 12U team is open for a few new players. Practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays during summer and Mondays.

For 12U Try-outs by Request -Call coach Tim 805-464-1608

Our 14U team is forming in Spring. For info please call for info at 805-464-1608

Our 16 team playing now. For information, contact coach Paul at 805-550-9331


Fun Filled, Character Centered softball and athletic training for those interested in the ability to stick with a team and organization LONG TERM and get a college scholarship while doing it.

If you are interested in playing on one of these teams, please contact us to visit a practice.


High Tide College Recruitment

Start your journey today. High Tide travel team Recruitment Coordinator Erin will help our members create their College Exposure profiles and get you scheduled for your Skills DVD.

When you play for our Travel Teams, we help you get seen by College Coaches. Begin your journey today. Contact Tim at 805-464-1608 for info on our 10u,12u, 14u, 16u  and 18U teams now.

blast from the past 2010

August 1, 2014

We Love To Win!

            Winning is Not Everything

I like to win! But no one can go without losing. It is part of the journey to success- But every time I compete, I expect to win. But winning doesn’t just come from talk, it comes from hard work and a common belief that everyone on the team has to share- that together we will win. So get ahead in the game and don’t stop- get more runs to stay ahead, if you get behind, know it’s going to be fun to come from behind strong and you are going to play hard all the way through the last out of the game! Expect to win, and if you lose, don’t be happy and silly about it, but don’t be down too much either because losing has its place in learning to be a champion. Winners learn from their mistakes, and accept the excellence that the other team brings to the table sometimes.
What I am asking here is that you give me your absolute best. Blood sweat and tears. It takes Giving 100% in practice. To practice like it’s “the game” and when game time comes, doing what it takes to win will come naturally.

Coach Tim 2011