• Updated Playoff Bracket Available Via Forms -> Handouts
  • Rainout Line Number 518-869-9884
  • Playoff Seedings Are Updated on the Home Page
  • Playoffs Start Date: Monday July 29th
  • Games Days Are: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

2019 CDCSL Playoff Seeding

1. AMF
2. Skyline Diner
3. Breaking Balls
4. Wrecking Crew
5. Slaphitters
6. Backdoor Sliders
7. Damien's Destroyers
8. Brew Crew

Competition, Sportsmanship, Camaraderie

We accept payment via Paypal or Venmo now as we have an ETIN as a non-money making sports league, which means we can accept payments from corporate credit cards from businesses for any sponsors that are interested.

2019 Media League Cost Structure

The cost per team this season is $950.

The Town of Guilderland has raised the field fee from $35 per game to $45 per game, but we've been able to trim spending elsewhere to absorb the cost increase.

The breakdown of the cost is below (all are per team).

Regular Season Games Fee: $45 per field (up from $35 per), $52 Umpire fee per game, $5 softball fee per game = $612
Insurance: $116
Playoffs: $207 (est. per team)
Equipment (scorebook, roster card, etc.): $15

The $950 team fee includes everything, as you will not need to bring any money with you to any game for the entire season.

All teams make the playoffs and are assured at least 2 playoff games as the playoffs are a double elimination bracket style format.

Any potential new teams with interest, or players looking to join a team, please post a comment in the forum with your email and I will be in touch.

The voicemail message you will hear for the Rain Out line (518-869-9884) when you call will include the date & day it was left, so if you call the rain out line and the date/day you hear is not the current day, it means games will be played as scheduled. FYI, the number is not always updated between 4PM-6PM. The town will sometimes email us if it's early enough in the day, and when that happens we pass it along to the league.