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Next Level Player Development Program (NLPDP) Fall 2019  

  • 2020 Reno Memorial Day Tournament
  • 2019-2020 Grassroots 365
  • 2019-2020 Adidas Uprising/Gauntlet Series
  • 2020 ACES Coca Cola National Classic
  • 2020 Las Vegas Classic - Bigfoot Hoops

CEBA, Club Elite Basketball Academy

Club Elite Basketball Academy, along with Advanced Sports Training Institute (ASTI), proudly presents the Next Level Player Development Program(NLPDP). This annual long program is dedicated to preparing a selective group of seriously committed youth basketball players who are willing to make the sacrifice to become better basketball players. 




The Next Level Player Development Program (NLPDP) is an AAU based basketball club designed to focus and concentrate on the overall aspect of the player’s game. Through a pre-season and in-season multi-phased teaching approach that focuses on skill development, player evaluations, and a rigorous competition schedule and instruction that will translate to the next level of basketball. Training development will begin with athletic performance training followed by ball-handling, shooting, game situation instruction to develop court awareness and increase efficiency. 


All players in the NLPDP will be asked to commit to playing and participation solely in the NLPDP program all year (one club all year) not mandatory but highly recommended in order to consistently develop all skills that will be necessary to play basketball at the next level.   




.The goal for every player is to complete the program more skilled, stronger, faster and a higher basketball IQ.

  • Game situation instruction to develop court awareness and increase efficiency. During the year, the NLPDP will participate in a game competition (scrimmages), tournaments and competitive events to gain the highest level of playing experience, against teams of elite skill levels to test and help improve the player’s game. 

  • The NLPDP will teach players the importance of hard work in a practice setting, as well as instilling a passion for the game in each of our players and a willingness to improve their skills. 

  • All players will learn through no pigeonhole position training. This performance training is to develop and improve functional strength, speed, quickness, and explosive power and injury-prevention. 

  • All players will be taught all of the skills on the court regardless of size, this will build mental discipline, player confidence, superior focus, game preparation, and a game-ready attitude. 


All performance training will be conducted by Advanced Sports Training Institute (ASTI) led by the legendary coach, director, and owner, Anthony Eggleton also known as “Coach Ant”. Anthony Eggleton has been training High School and College level athletes for the past 30 years. He has trained Olympic athletes, High School, and College All-Americans, NFL and NBA players including recent NBA All-Star, Oakland owns Damian Lillard. All these athletes have worked under the tutelage of one of the most creative sports performance coaches in the country.




  • On-court skill development sessions at a moderate pace to develop new skills and add new elements to the player’s game. 

  • Cutting and change-of-direction movements at half speed. 

  • Conditioning, strength training to solidify the player’s foundation and core. 

  • Non-explosive movements to build general total-body strength, which served as a base for the next phase. 

  • Total-body flexibility, hip mobility, and balance exercises, along with injury prevention. 

  • Strength training, with non-impact conditioning. 

  • Strength exercises with mobility exercises to restore proper tissue length.


Court Workout (3-5 Hr of Training) All Court Workout include (all bullets points listed)

  • Dynamic Warm-Up and Activation – 

  • Stationary and Light Movement Ball-Handling – 

  • Spot Shooting from Mid-Range – 7 spots, 

  • Pull-Up Jumpers from Mid-Range – 7 spots (both directions)

  • Spot Shooting from 3-Point Distance – 7 spots

  • Paint Finishes Series: Floaters, Runners, and Hooks – 

  • Movement Catch and Shoot Sets - ( flare, drift, slide, trail)


  • Sprints

  • Distance

Explosive/Performance  Basketball Training(1 day per week)

  • Mini-Band Mobility Series 

  • DR. Yessis Explosive Basketball Drills

Core Activation and Development

  • Core exercises 

  • Reflexive Core 

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing


  • Cooldown Total-body foam roll and stretch 



Court Workout (3-5 Hr of Training)


  • Team practices with tactical & skill development

  • Emphasis on strength development

  • Shooting

  • Rebounding, footwork and finishing skills, tactical skills, reading a defense, managing fast-break 

  •  Performance training(ASTI) 

  •  Scrimmaging. Film analysis -  All scrimmages /game film will be analyzed with the players

  • Individual development plans distributed to players and parents



Court Workout (3-5 Hr of Training)

  •  Scrimmaging.

  • Shooting

  • Offensive/Defensive Attack Moves.

  • Continued skill development

  • Performance training (ASTI)

  • Winter Tournaments Play 



Court Workout (2 days per week)

         Spring AAU season begins; Tournaments Play 

  • strength development

  • Individualized skill development training

  • Shooting

  • Performance training(ASTI)

  •  Scrimmaging.


Court Workout (3-5 Hr of Training)


  • Continued skill development

  • Shooting

  • Performance training(ASTI)

  • Summer AAU season begins; Tournaments Play 

  • Post Season events



Practices- NLPDP will practice 3-5 hours per week. Practices will be weekday evenings between 6 pm & 9 pm and weekends. Typically, ASTI performance training will take place on weekends.


Practice facilities –  Oakwood Athletic Club in Lafayette, Tice Valley Gym in Walnut Creek and other high-quality gyms in Walnut Creek, Martinez, and neighboring cities.


Coaches – All coaches have ample coaching experience at all different levels. Our coaching experience is among the best.


Tournaments -Academy Team will participate in a high-level competitive tournaments schedule, Bay Area, Portland, LA, Vegas, and G365 Grass-root Series, Acces Series, and other AAU National Events. Approximately 6 tournaments throughout the year. NOTE: Due to possible conflict scheduling (players playing in other programs. ie, middle schools) the final tournament schedule TBD.


Travel –   All travel & accommodations for the players is a personal expense and is not covered by the program. CEBA will help arrange carpools and hotel room sharing.


Gear– All players will be required to purchase a CEBA Uniform/Apparel Packet, practice jerseys, fully-customized, reversible game uniform, shooting shirts, and custom backpack. $250-$350


NLPDP Program – ( September 20th, 2019- July 26th, 2020 )

NLPDP Program Cost: $1,700.00 Per Player. Payment options available with a 1000.00 deposit, 2 payments, or 3 payments, the total is to be paid by the end of the 4 months of the program. 


All cost includes:

  •  Tournament fees

  • Practices

  • Performance training

  • Total of 3-5 hours of training per week.

To register your child for Club Elite Basketball Academy (NLPDP), please go to complete the form.




“Learning isn’t a way of reaching one’s potential but rather a way of developing it.”

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