CEJBO MEETING DATES 2017 - 2018 Basketball Season


Dear CEJBO Members:                                                             2018 - 2019 Basketball Season


March 13, 2018


Dear CEJBO member:

This letter is to provide you information on the 2018-2019 dues.


We have recently learned from Arbiter that Chapters ARE NOT to collect any NJSIAA registration dues for the 2018 2019 athletic year. All officials will be required to register individually and online via the Arbiter system for this athletic year and all future years. All NJSIAA registration dues will be paid individually by the Official upon online registration via the Arbiter system.



1. Varsity Officials $50

2. Cadets $19

3. Inactive $10

Lastly, just a reminder that there is an additional $10 fee for the background check which will also be paid directly by the Official via the Arbiter system.


More information will follow for paying your NJSIAA Dues.


CEJBO dues are $60 applicable to all members.


Inactive Membership:



For members to go inactive in 2018-19 the dues are $35.00 Prior to going inactive a member must send a letter to the membership chairperson, currently Jerry O’Leary at - ( uprr13@gmail.comindicating the reason why you want to become an inactive member. You will need to get this letter to Jerry by April 15th. The Executive Board will review the application and render a decision within 10 days of receiving the information from Jerry. Going inactive must be reapplied for each year.

Lifetime members:

If you are a lifetime member of CEJBO and are still actively working basketball games, your dues are $0. Your CEJBO dues are waved due to your lifetime achievement.




Payment/Late Fee Schedule:

Payment is due April 15, 2018. If your remittance is not received by April 15, 2018, you will be assessed a penalty. Below are the penalty charges. If payment is made:

April 16 - April 24

• Dues plus $25 penalty



April 25 – May 1

• Dues plus $100 penalty



After May 1st you will be suspended from CEJBO. Reinstatement can be made via an appeal in writing to the Executive Board by April 15. The penalty for reinstatement will be dues plus $150 in penalties.


Please make the check or money order out to CEJBO. Send to Bill Baumann at the following address: 21 Fitzrandolph St., Green Brook, NJ 08812



In the case of any financial hardships please contact Jerry O’Leary at ( .

This must be done by April 15th.


Referral Fees:

If you recommended a cadet(s) for last year’s (2016 - 2017) class you are allowed a $10.00 reduction from your dues provided for each cadet that passed the class. Also, if you brought in a member from another organization, you are also entitled to a reduction of $10.00 reduction for each official who has become a member in good standing within our organization. You can deduct the amount from your payment for each cadet that you recommended.





Please make sure that your contact information is up to date in the Arbiter, including your mobile number, and your email address. This information is what CEJBO uses to send you organizational information, and to contact you.

2018-2019 CEJBO Dues Payment must be attached:

If you are claiming a $10 deduction please list the Cadet(s)/New Members Name(s):







Your Name _______________________________________________


Make the check out to CEJBO and mail to:

Bill Baumann

21 Fitzrandolph St.

Green Brook, NJ 08812.

Please make sure that your contact information is up to date in the Arbiter, including your mobile number, and your email address. This information is what CEJBO uses to send you organizational information, and to contact you.


Welcome to the official website for the Central East Jersey Basketball Officials (CEJBO) organization based in New Jersey.


CEJBO is an independent organization that is recognized by the NJSIAA. Our member officials work high school basketball games and tournaments at both the county and state level, including high-level games such as the Middlesex County finals and the State sectional finals. 


If you are interested in joining our organization to become a basketball official, please click on the link on the menu to the left titled "Handouts". Classes begin in September.




CEJBO Executive Board Officers

President -  Tony Candelario

1st Vice President - James Swindell

2nd Vice President - Jerry O'Leary

Secretary-Treasurer - Bill Baumann

Recording Secretary - Tanisha Cooley


CEJBO Committee Chairman

Rules Interpreter - Chuck McGuire

Assigning - Tony Candelario

Banquet - vacant

Ethics - vacant

Membership - Jerry O'Leary

Public Relations - Fred Romanowsky

Training - Ryan Curtis

Welfare - Bill Coy

Legal Counsel - vacant

A Brief History of the Central East Jersey Basketball Officials (CEJBO) Organization
The Original name was A.A.U. Sanctioned Basketball Official of New Jersey circa 1972.
The name was later changed to Mid Atlantic Chapter - Central Jersey Chapter of NJSIAA in 1978 when, Bill Rallo, Ira Hilfman, Ray Kelton, and Joe Reardon petitioned for incorporation for varsity status with the NJSIAA.
The name was incorporated as Central East Jersey Basketball Officials on April 16, 1985 and shortly thereafter the agreement with NJSIAA was signed.
Bill Rallo was the first President
The first Board of Trustees were: Tom Stasik, Ira Hilfman, and Ray Kelton.  
The first CEJBO Constitution was written in Hopelawn, NJ by Dennis Druszba, Bill Rallo, Ira Hilfman and Tony DePoala.