Due to constraints to the website, photos have been omitted.  To see Professor Krysl's full write up go to the Central XC's Facebook page.
Dear Central High Cross Country Fans,
We have awesome news! The Central High Ladies Indians won 1st place at the 2017 Wyoming State 4A Cross-Country Championships in Sheridan at the VA Hospital grounds. The Central Lady Indians placed 4 runners in the top ten.  The Central team averaged 19:15.57 which was 26 seconds ahead of the 2nd place Laramie average of 19:42.03 and more than 1 minute ahead of the 3rd place Jackson average. This victory was the Central Lady Indians’ 2nd Team title in the last three years.  Congrats to the team and head coach Sean Wilde and assistant coach John Bogus. Coach Wilde was selected the 2017 4A East Conference Coach of the year.  Congrats to Coach Wilde!
The 2017 Cheyenne Central High Lady Indians 4A Wyoming State Championship Team: 
Jenna Goodrich, Tessa Martino, McKell Brenchley, Faith Meredith, Emma Brownell, Claudia Miller and Aubrey Frentheway.
Central senior Aubrey Frentheway paced the Indians and placed 2nd overall with a time of 18:08 (just 5 seconds off her PR, that’s 5:50 per mile for 3.1 miles) and made the All-State team for the 4th time in a row!  Congrats, Aubrey, you had an awesome XC career at Central High including an 8th place state finish in 2014 as a freshman, a 1st place State title finish in 2015 as a sophomore, a 2nd place finish in 2016 as a junior and 2nd place finish in 2017 as a senior.  Aubrey also has the 4th and 5th fastest course times ever at the State meet in Sheridan.  What a great run! This was also Aubrey’s 2nd Team title.  The race in Sheridan had very breezy winds, not ideal conditions for getting a new PR where Aubrey usually gets a PR.  What an awesome XC career Aubrey had at Central High, the whole Tr1be is proud of you!  What a blessing you have been to the team! We are so grateful for all your hard work and talent.
Central’s second runner and 4th overall was junior Claudia Miller at 18:41, just 5 seconds off her PR from State last year. Claudia also had an all-state 5th place finish last year and a 13th place finish in 2015 when Central edged out Gillette for the title by 1 point.  Congrats, Claudia, on your 2nd all-state finish.
Central’s third all-state runner was senior Emma Brownell with a 7th place finish and new PR time of 19:31. Emma battled an injury last year but this year she reached her goal of making the all-state team.  Emma placed 16th her sophomore year when the Central girls won state. Congrats, Emma, on the new PR and all-state honor.
Central’s fourth all-state runner was senior Faith Meredith. In 2014 as a freshman, Faith made the all-state team with a 5th place finish.  In 2015 as a sophomore, Faith was 23rd coming off her 1st ACL surgery. If Faith would not have toughed that race out, we would not have defeated Gillette for the team title. Faith missed her junior year of XC because of a 2nd ACL injury that occurred at State soccer. This year Faith placed 8th at State XC securing her 2nd all-state cross-country honor.  Faith is also 2 time all-state soccer player. Congrats to Faith, one of the toughest competitors Central High has ever seen.
These four Central all-state runners (Aubrey, Claudia, Emma and Faith) will have their names and photos enshrined on plaques in the Jim Godfrey Memorial Hallway at Central High!  I can’t wait to see them up there!
McKell Brenchley was Central’s fifth runner with a 23rd place finish at State and time of 20:23 which is a 48 second improvement over last year. McKell made great improvement this year and probably just missed a PR at State because of the excessive wind. Tessa Martino, Central’s 6th runner, came in at 21:11 which is a 1 minute improvement over last year. Great job, Tessa, all your hard work paid off. Jenna Goodrich was our 7th runner at state this year and her placement was good enough and our team deep enough that her placement would have still secured Central a state title this year. Last year Jenna nearly broke 20 minutes and secured a top 20 finish. All these girls and the alternates Eliza Smith, Katherine Etchepare, Janessa Miller, Kamrin Grimm were all part of this state championship team.  Even the JV runners and the Central Men’s XC team are part of this state championship effort because the girls and guys all run together and encourage and push one another to greater heights.  Wow, we are so proud of all of you.  Thanks for the great effort and glory of a state title for Central High. Go Tr1be!
The 2017 Central High Lady Indians 4A Wyoming State Championship Team: 
Katherine Etchepare, Janessa Miller, Tessa Martino, Jenna Goodrich, Emma Brownell, Eliza Smith, McKell Brenchley, Faith Meredith, Claudia Miller, Aubrey Frentheway, and Kamrin Grimm with the iconic Central All-State XC Shield.
A traditional Falling Leaves Wyoming State 4A XC Title celebration with Coach John Bogus, Head Coach Sean Wilde, and assistant Lianne Bordewyk.
Ladies, you really had an awesome finish to the year. We lose 3 all-state seniors to graduation but hopefully we can bring in some new talent. Thanks for all your hard work. We had a great finish and wonderful season.
In the men’s 4A finale there was a familiar name near the top of the podium: Henry. The Henry brothers of Laramie have dominated the men’s cross-country podium in recent XC seasons. In 2013, Jonah Henry won the 4A title. In 2014 and 2015, Chris Henry won the men’s titles. In 2016 Phillip Henry won the state title. Phillip did not get to repeat this year but he placed 2nd to Laramie teammate Albert Steiner. (Steiner finished 15:55 for a 5:07 per mile average) In 2016, Phillip Henry won the title and beat his 3rd place teammate Albert Steiner by 15 seconds.  This year (2017), Albert Steiner beat Phillip Henry by six seconds to end the Henry family run at 4 consecutive state titles. It is amazing what genetics and a good family work ethic will do. Laramie won the team title for the 6th year in a row, so congrats to Laramie. Their coaching staff does an amazing job. Laramie graduates 3 top ten all-state seniors.  Maybe another 4A guys team can have a shot at the 4A team title next year, but Laramie will likely reload and still be very competitive next year. 
The Central Boys placed 8th at State in 2017.  Central junior Austin Stephen was the top Central competitor coming in at 23rd place in a time of 17:23.81.  
Central did not have a top 10 finisher and this really hurts us because of how XC is scored.  Although Laramie dominated the scoring because they had a 1st and 2nd place finisher, if you examine the team from a time standpoint, Central really is quite competitive with most teams other than Laramie. Central averaged a 17:33.54 which is just 21 seconds behind 2nd place Natrona. The good news is most of the Central runners improved about 30 seconds over the previous State time.  If we could do that again for next year, our top three runners could drop under 17 minutes and this would make us very competitive. It would also help if we could pick up a couple of talented young runners or our other runners could drop a minute. We lose Dalton Stoddard and Ryan Leach to graduation, but we have good potential for the future. I have seen young guys in the past improve dramatically by putting in a consistent summer work out.  It was fun this season to see the group of guys running in tight formation and trading off in the lead-off position.
You can get more details about the guys race here:
Thanks to all the coaches, parents, teachers, trainers, physical therapists and doctors who got our runners through the season. I am hoping that Kirk Miller will have some photos of the state meet to share. I will let you know. It has been an awesome and very successful season. Getting a second XC title in three years feels awfully good. We are continuing a legacy here at Central. It started with former Central XC Coach Rick Bishop who ran the program for years and who trained Coach Wilde.  A shout out to Bish!  Also thanks to the McCormick Junior High XC Coaches like Brent Weiner and Coach Cook who got so many of the runners started, they are part of this legacy too.  Good luck to all you running in the Nike meet in Idaho, winter track and spring track. You have to remember that in XC, you are your main opponent. When Ryan Leach started out as a freshman he was running a 5K in 23:27 which is a 7:32 per mile pace.  His senior year he ran a 17:33.8 at Conference last week, a 5:39 per mile pace. Tremendous improvement. Varsity runner Tessa Martino started out her freshman year in 2014 and ran her first race in 24:23, a 7:50 per mile pace. This year after a summer of regular training Tessa ran a 20:55, a 6:43 per mile pace. All of our runners can tell similar stories of improvement. Keep up the good running habits for life; they will extend and improve your life. It is a pleasure and privilege to be able to run; be thankful that you can run and feel the joy and comradery of running. I love these XC students, I have a lot of them in science class and they are good students, good athletes and just all-around fine human beings. It has been a pleasure cheering them on this year.
Congrats again to our All-Staters (Aubrey, Claudia, Emma and Faith) and State Championship XC team.
Loran Krysl
Central High Science Teacher and Cross Country Fan

4A Regionals Results

Dear Central High Cross Country Fans,

On Friday, October 13, 2017, the Central XC runners were again across town at Prairie View Golf Course for the East Conference Cross Country Finals.

Central Women’s Results:  The Cheyenne Central Varsity women won the Eastern Conference XC Championship and five Central runners made All-Conference by virtue of a top ten finish at the 4A Eastern Conference Meet. Congratulations to Aubrey Frentheway, Claudia Miller, Faith Meredith, Emma Brownell, and McKell Brenchley for making the 2017 East 4A All-Conference Cross-Country Team. This was Aubrey’s 4th time of being all-conference, Caudia’s 3rd time, and Faith’s second time. Tessa Martino and Jenna Goodrich placed in the top 20.  Even if one of our top five Central placers would not have run, Central still would have won the team conference title. Congratulations to the whole team for the Conference Championship. 

Below West and East Conference Finals are contrasted. The West ran in Jackson at an elevation of 6237 feet and the East ran in Cheyenne at about 6062 feet. I do not know condition of the course in Jackson, but the elevations are similar. Mackenzie Marler of East High won the conference with a time that was very close to a PR.  Congrats to her, she is a very fine runner. Laramie runners Abigail Whitman and Emmy Johnson had new PR’s taking 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. If Central can keep everybody healthy and we have a good day, Central should have a good shot at the state title. Judging from the conference times, Central ought to place 1st, Laramie 2nd, Rock Springs 3rd, Jackson 4th and Evanston 5th. Keep in mind, this is very rough prognosticating because I do not know the nature of each course on race day and I do not know if the other teams were missing good runners this past Friday. Two years ago, Central was 3rd on paper going into the state finals based on conference results but we hauled in a state title when it came to the state meet. We need to go up there and give it our all and run smart because the others teams would love to humble us. A flu bug, sprained ankle, bad cramp, or poor racing strategy can change the final results. Central has history of showing up at the State meet and so I hope we can run well and bring home the state XC title.

You can get more details about these races from these two web sites: (East Region Results) (West Region Results)



Central Men’s Results:  The Cheyenne Central Varsity men placed 2nd in the Eastern Conference XC Championship and two Central runners made All-Conference by virtue of a top ten finish at the 4A Eastern Conference Meet. Congratulations to Austin Stephen and Dalton Stoddard for making the 2017 East 4A All-Conference Cross-Country Team. All seven of the Central runners placed in the top 20.

The Laramie men had the top four finishers who all placed in under 17 minutes. Laramie had 6 runners in the top 10. Laramie will likely repeat as state champs. Albert Steiner and Philip Henry of Laramie placed 1st and 2nd and I anticipate that they will do the same at State this next weekend.   Although Central had a good conference meet, the Western Conference Men’s times look very good, all of the top ten runners were under 17 minutes.  The Evanston and Rocksprings teams average under 17 minutes, so the competition will be strong at state. If you go by the conference times, the order will be Laramie, Evanston, Rocksprings, Jackson, Green River, Natrona, Central and Kelley Walsh. But I think Central will finish strong at state and knock off several of those teams. It will be fun to go up to Sheridan this week and see how it all shakes out.

Indians, you worked hard this year and so many of you have improved remarkably.  Hopefully we will finish well and bring home some hardware to recognize your season efforts. Remember to keep encouraging one another and enjoy one last week of workouts together. Hope to see you all at State in Sheridan. The extended forecast is for light showers in the early morning and clearing up near race time and mid-forties to mid-fifties for temperature. It should be grand to watch all the action.

Good Luck!


Loran Krysl

Central High School Science Teacher & Cross Country Fan

Cheyenne Invite Results

ear Central High Cross Country Fans,

On Friday, October 6, 2017, the Central XC runners went across town to Cheyenne East High School for the LeRoy Sprague Invitational. I used to work with LeRoy Sprague during my tenure at East High and LeRoy coached some amazing runners that performed very well at State.  In the late 70’s and early 80’s LeRoy coached East teams to numerous state XC titles. The elevation in Cheyenne is about 6062 feet which is a bit higher than we usually run in Colorado, most of those meets are around 5000 feet. The temperature was about 55F and the wind was very breezy. This course is run at the Prairie View Golf Course and there is a lot of grass so this slows down times, but the wind was a huge factor in slowing race times. The course was redesigned again for this year. I did not run comparison times from previous years because the wind was such a huge factor and because this course used to be about 300 meters short so the comparison times are not very meaningful. None of the Central runners had PR’s.

The Central High men and women teams dominated the competition and won the team titles. Congratulations to the Central teams.  Rawlins High School (my alma mater that I used to run XC for) Freshman Sydney Thorvaldson dominated the women’s 5Krace with a time of 18:10.72    Sydney dominated the race from start to finish. She has placed first in every XC race she has ever raced. Since Rawlins is a 3A school, Sydney will compete with the 3A Wyoming schools at regionals and state. I would like see Sydney go out to Simplot in Idaho and she what she can do against world-class competition. 

Varsity Men’s Results: This was a small meet with only 11 teams. Central placed first in the team results.  Our guys were paced by 2nd place finisher Austin Stephen. Central had 6 runners in the top 10 and 9 in top 20. As usual, our guys are bunched together and they really push each other to excel. Congrats on the first place finish guys! 

Here’s the Men’s JV Results: Central placed first in the team results.  Our guys were paced by 3rd place finisher Jordan Ennis. Central had 6 runners in the top 12. Congrats on the first place finish guys! 

Varsity Women’s Results: Central placed 1st in the team results with 32 points, Rapid City was 2nd with 71 points.  Central placed 4 in the top 10 and 7 in the top 16.  Aubrey Frentheway paced the Lady Indians with a 19:04.47.  Claudia Miller was ill and did not run.  You can see from the results how important it is for our teams to run in Colorado to get more competition.

Women JV Results: Central placed 4 in the top 10 and 6 in the top 14. 

You can get more race details at:

Next week, the East regional cross country meet is at the same location but because Laramie, Gillette and other schools will be in attendance, the competition should be ramped up.  Be sure to come out to Prairie View next Friday.  Hopefully it will be less windy.

Keep up the good work Indians and work hard this week. I know you still have the grueling “East High Workout” after next weekend and then Coach Wilde will taper your workouts and hopefully amazing stuff will happen at State like it has in past years. We will hopefully peak at State and all those summer workouts and 700’s and other painful workouts will lead to a great and glorious finish. Enjoy the ride, it’s a blessing just to be able to run and enjoy each other’s comradery, win or lose.


Loran Krysl

Central High School Science Teacher & Cross Country Fan

Thornton Invite Results

Dear Central High Cross Country Fans,

We have awesome good news! The Central Lady Indians XC team went down to Colorado and showed those Greenies what kind of running those people from the “great rectangle to the north” can do! 

On September 29, 2017, the Central XC runners went to north Denver for the Thornton High School Thornton Invitational. The elevation is about 5350 feet and the weather was cool.

Varsity Girls ResultsThe Central Varsity Girls placed 1st out of 30 teams in the Varsity race. Congrats, Lady Indians!  We are very proud of you! The Central Girls Varsity eked out a 1-point win. Interestingly, Arvada West had a 1-second advantage in the average time over Central, but the team scores are based on placement.  We had all the Central varsity girls on board this time and we needed everyone to run very well to snag this first place trophy over 2nd place Arvada West. Five of the Central Varsity Women had new PRs and Aubrey tied her PR from State last year. The Central Girls had 4 runners in the top 20. Aubrey placed 3rd, just 8 seconds behind 1st place Brynn Siles of Legacy High School.  There’s great story you can read about Aubrey and Brynn at   Claudia placed 6th just behind Laramie’s best runner Abigail Whitman. Claudia was just 1.2 seconds off her PR from State last year. Emma came in 16th place with a new PR.  Congrats, Emma!   Faith placed 19th and McKell placed 29th with a new PR. Tessa, Kamrin, and Eliza all had new PR’s. On the JV team Katherine Etchepare, Rylie, Maeli,  Kathryne Carrier and Natalie McCarty all had PRs in this race.  Natalie McCarty improved by 2:07 and has improved by 9 minutes since the start of the season.  Wow, hard work and good coaching pays off! Congrats, Ladies!  See the table below for more details.  Laramie just got a wakeup call from the Central Women and they placed 5th, on the average they were 25 seconds behind Central.   This is the first time we have beaten Laramie this year and we thumped them good. They will want revenge at State but I think that if we can stay healthy and keep working hard, we can bring home the State Title again. I tried to ascertain if they were missing one of their top runners and so far as I could tell, I did not see any of their top runners out of action but I could be wrong.  They are a very very good team and some of the girls have had better times this year, so I would not take them lightly. We will need to be at the top of our game to beat them. I’ve checked out all the other teams in 4A and I think Laramie is our main competition. There are other individual talented runner coming to State, but team wise, I think it will come down to Laramie and Central.  Way to go Central Girls!  Keep dreaming big!  Check out the hardware haul and happy beautiful smiles below!

1st Place Women’s XC Team at the 2017 Thornton Invite:  The Cheyenne Central High Lady Indians.

Back Row: Tessa Martino, Jenna Goodrich, Emma Brownell, Faith Meredith, Aubrey Frentheway

Front Row: Eliza Smith, Janessa Miller, McKell Brenchley, Kamrin Grimm, Claudia Miller

Photo is courtesy of Lori Meredith

Here are the Varsity Women’s Team Results from the 2017 Thornton Meet: (1st out of 30 teams)

1 Cheyenne Central High School 73 3+6+16+19+29 (64+82) 2:10 1-5 Split | 19:14 Avg

2 Arvada West High School 74 4+9+10+21+30 (49+55) 1:44 1-5 Split | 19:13 Avg

3 Denver East High School 115 13+20+25+26+31 (45+69) 0:50 1-5 Split | 19:55 Avg

4 Legacy High School 121 1+14+18+34+54 (56+74) 2:46 1-5 Split | 19:35 Avg

5 Laramie High School 126 5+8+22+41+50 (76+101) 2:06 1-5 Split | 19:39 Avg

6 Fossil Ridge High School 207 15+17+38+67+70 (72+75) 1:29 1-5 Split | 20:15 Avg

7 Sheridan High School 216 36+37+39+43+61 (65+112) 0:32 1-5 Split | 20:30 Avg

8 Fort Collins High School 235 35+44+48+51+57 (73+79) 0:30 1-5 Split | 20:33 Avg

9 Horizon High School 300 32+42+62+68+96 (100+106) 1:36 1-5 Split | 20:52 Avg

10 Poudre High School 323 7+47+87+89+93 (122+123) 3:06 1-5 Split | 20:44 Avg


2017 Thornton Women’s Results: 

1 Brynn Siles 10 Legacy High School 17:55.00 1

2 Stephanie Carrasco 12 Thornton High School 17:58.00 2

3 Aubrey Frentheway 12 Cheyenne Central High School 18:03.00 3

4 Claire Pauley 12 Arvada West High School 18:29.00 4

5 Abigail Whitman 10 Laramie High School 18:32.00 5

6 Claudia Miller 11 Cheyenne Central High School 18:37.00 6

7 Luna Slater 12 Poudre High School 18:40.00 7

8 Emmy Johnson 10 Laramie High School 18:42.00 8

9 Katie Doucette 12 Arvada West High School 18:42.00 9

10 Amber Valdez 12 Arvada West High School 18:45.00 10

11 Callin Naddy 12 Rocky Mountain High School 19:06.00 11

12 Kiran Green 11 Brighton High School 19:09.00 12

13 Laurel Kruger 12 Denver East High School 19:23.00 13

14 Abby Jones 10 Legacy High School 19:26.00 14

15 Ellie Black 10 Fossil Ridge High School 19:27.00 15

16 Emma Brownell 12 Cheyenne Central High School 19:35.00 16

17 Billie Fogarty 11 Fossil Ridge High School 19:36.00 17

18 Laura Broderick 11 Legacy High School 19:41.00 18

19 Faith Meredith 12 Cheyenne Central High School 19:46.00 19

20 Alana Marie Barros 9 Denver East High School 19:48.00 20

Varsity Runner

2017 time/place




Aubrey Frentheway

18:03.00       3   Ties PR!

18:33  1st!



Claudia Miller

18:37.00       6  only 1.2 sec off PR

18:42  2nd



Emma Brownell

19:35.00     16   New PR by 9 sec!




Faith Meredith*

19:46.00     19  Faith is coming off a 2nd ACL surgery and has improved by 1:41 this year!  Great effort, Faith!




McKell Brenchley*

20:13.00     29  New PR by 19 sec!




Tessa Martino

20:55.00     64  New PR by 14 sec!




Jenna Goodrich

21:09.00     82




Kamrin Grimm

21:26.00     96  New PR by 38 sec!




Janessa Miller*

21:41.00   103




Eliza Smith*

22:08.00   123 New PR by 1:22!





*I love seeing these soccer players out for XC, it gives them more endurance and it will make our girls soccer team very tough this next spring.

Junior Varsity Girls Results: 

Junior Varsity Runner

2017 time




Katherine Etchepare

22:29    New PR, 35 sec better!




Rylie Purdy

23:03    New PR, 25 sec better!




Julia Horst





Maeli Chase

23:33    New PR, 36 sec better!




Kinsee Shumway*





Natalie McCarty

23:49     New PR, 2:07 better!  WOW! Natalie has improved by almost 9 minutes since the start of the year!  Great job!




Kathryne Carrier

24:10   New PR, 23 sec better!




Emily Verosky*






Varsity Boys: The Laramie Men’s team also showed those Greenies what a talented team from the North can do that trains at high altitude, they took 1st out of 34 teams. Albert Steiner and Philip Henry of Laramie High School placed 1st and 3rd respectively in that race. The Central Varsity Boys placed a very respectable 6th out of 34 teams in the Varsity race. We eked out a win over a talented Sheridan team. The Casper schools Natrona and KW have very respectable teams and we will have to have our best game on to beat them or Sheridan at State. Not sure what Rock Springs, Evanston or Green River have in the tank but I don’t think it’s anything we can’t beat. Eleven of our Central runners set new PR’s at the Thornton race!  See the details below. Great job, guys!  All the hard work and great coaching is paying off. I think we may have several of these Central guys flirting with a sub 17 minute 5K at State and this would make us very competitive as a team. Laramie will likely win it all because they have two studs and average about 1 minute better per 5K race per runner than Central but we could give the others teams a good run.  It would be awesome if we could get 2nd. Keep dreaming and keep working hard.

Varsity Runner

2017 time/place



Austin Stephen

17:14.00 33 New PR by 15 sec!



Colter Anderson

17:23.00 45  New PR by 10 sec!



Joshua Broomfield

17:31.00 50   



Ryan Leach

17:41.00 57   New PR by 7 sec!  



Trevor Stephen

17:43.00 60   New PR by 9 sec!  



Dalton Stoddard

17:36.00 53



Matthew Pacheco

18:08.00 84     



Nathan Broomfield




Kaycee Clark-Mellott




Trae Fenn




Junior Varsity Guys:

Junior Varsity Runner

2017 time/place



Dawson Grove

19:33.00 24   



Brecken Miller

20:07.00 47 New PR by 36 sec!  



Jordan Ennis

20:23.00 64 New PR by 51 sec!  



Will Monger

20:38.00 77  New PR by 11 sec!  



Christian Gramsmick

20:51.00 90 New PR by 1:16.  WOW!  



Bridger Bogus

20:52.00 91



Kade Swilling

21:06.00 104  New PR by 38 sec!  



Cody Hunter

21:16.00    New PR by 30 sec!  



Ryan Ruiz




Chandler Hansen

22:19.00  New PR by 1:31.  WOW!  




This next Friday we have the cross-country teams in town at Prairie View Golf Course in Cheyenne.  And the regional meet is also in Cheyenne.  Come out and support our teams.

You can see more race details at

It is handy to track individual XC runners at


Loran Krysl

Central High School Science Teacher & Cross Country Fan


Thornton Invitational Varsity Boys’ Team Results: (34 teams total)

1 Laramie High School 79 1+3+18+25+32 (47+87) 1:27 1-5 Split | 16:28 Avg

2 Poudre High School 109 5+19+20+30+35 (48+85) 1:10 1-5 Split | 16:45 Avg

3 Fort Collins High School 112 7+13+27+28+37 (43+51) 1:03 1-5 Split | 16:49 Avg

4 Fossil Ridge High School 120 4+14+26+36+40 (41+44) 1:21 1-5 Split | 16:48 Avg

5 Arvada West High School 133 8+10+17+39+59 (68+95) 1:26 1-5 Split | 16:50 Avg

6 Cheyenne Central High School 238 33+45+50+53+57 (60+84) 0:27 1-5 Split | 17:29 Avg

7 Montrose High School 252 6+11+67+77+91 (99+120) 2:03 1-5 Split | 17:20 Avg

8 Sheridan High School 257 21+31+38+74+93 (101+108) 1:30 1-5 Split | 17:29 Avg

Sweetheart Invite Results

Dear Central High Cross Country Fans,
On September 22, 2017, the Central XC runners went to Loveland High School for the Sweetheart Invitational. The elevation is about 5000 feet and the weather was breezy. The course is mostly grass so this slows the times.
Varsity Girls Results:  The Central Varsity Girls placed 2nd out of 14 teams in the Varsity race. Aubrey Frentheway placed 1st in the race with a time of 19:04.  Claudia Miller ran an excellent race to place 4th. McKell Brenchley placed in the top 20 coming in at 14th. Congratulation to Aubrey, Claudia, and McKell. Rocky Mountain placed 1st in the team standing. If Faith and Emma could have run, I think we would have taken 1st as a team. Faith had the flu and Emma was on a college visit. All the girls improved their times with several of the girls improving by over a minute. Let’s just keep getting better! Way to go, girls!  I am already having visions of another State Title!  Two years ago our team was in third place at this point in the season and we came together at State and took the 1st Place title.  Dreams can come true!  The Laramie girls are strong but I believe the Central Girls will be holding up the iconic plastic trash can lid shield next month on the top of the podium.  Keep dreaming! 
Sweetheart Results:
Varsity Runner
2017 time/place
Aubrey Frentheway
19:04    1
Claudia Miller
19:23    4
Emma Brownell
did not run
Faith Meredith
did not run
McKell Brenchley
20:49     14   (over 1 min improvement)
Jenna Goodrich
21:23     27
Tessa Martino
21:24     28    (over 1 min improvement)
Kamrin Grimm
22:20     52 (almost 3 min improvement)
Janessa Miller
22:26     56
Eliza Smith
22:30     60  (New PR by 1 min!)
1 Rocky Mountain High School 48 3+7+8+10+20 (35+36) 1:36 1-5 Split | 19:58 Avg
2 Cheyenne Central High School 74 1+4+14+27+28 (47+51) 2:20 1-5 Split | 20:24 Avg
3 Fossil Ridge High School 89 5+12+13+18+41 (45+61) 2:28 1-5 Split | 20:47 Avg
4 Roosevelt High School 116 6+16+22+29+43 (71+78) 2:30 1-5 Split | 21:04 Avg
5 Loveland High School 131 15+17+24+37+38 (58+59) 0:59 1-5 Split | 21:19 Avg
6 Thompson Valley High School 150 2+25+33+44+46 (49+56) 3:03 1-5 Split | 21:20 Avg
7 Mountain View High School 174 23+31+32+34+54 (55+62) 1:17 1-5 Split | 21:43 Avg
8 Longmont High School 174 11+19+39+52+53 (60+81) 2:25 1-5 Split | 21:35 Avg
9 Mead High School 181 9+21+40+48+63 (64+66) 3:28 1-5 Split | 21:44 Avg
10 Berthoud High School 295 30+42+69+75+79 (82) 3:19 1-5 Split | 23:18 Avg
11 Northridge High School 338 50+65+73+74+76 (77+85) 1:55 1-5 Split | 23:40 Avg
12 Douglas High School 340 26+67+80+83+84 4:58 1-5 Split | 24:29 Avg
13 Highland High School 372 57+68+70+88+89 6:35 1-5 Split | 25:40 Avg
14 Fort Lupton High School 426 72+86+87+90+91 (92) 5:32 1-5 Split | 27:48 Avg