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Looking for players



Looking for basketball players for new tournament teams in the central area please contact us immediately

All Positions

Ages 12 to 18 years of age


Uniforms Policy


Attention teams/players all participating teams "MUST" wear matching uniforms from top to bottom, you do not however need numbers or names printed on them ... this is (optional) 


NOTE: Only during tournament games, where you represent your country, your church, your state, your city will you be required to print names on the front of the jersey.

Game day registration policy






On game day/day of the event you must present and have the following documentation with you.

1. A copy of your Birth Certificate if under age 16 or 17.

2. A copy of your recent report card if your in middle school or high school.

3. a photo copy of a 4x6 photo of yourself .. (All divisions)

4. A photo copy of your drivers licence. (All Adult and senior divisions)


At arrival you must get to the gym an hour before your first game to verify and register your information for league integrity purposes and verification that you are eligible to play in your prospective division and no changes of hand and players are made throughout the event, WARNING! if you are caught switching players, adding players, and caught with false information your team will be IMMEDIATELY expelled from our event and any future events as well.


Each registered player will receive a colored ribbon that he or she has been registered to participate in our event, "DO NOT" take off your ribbon at anytime during the event, if it comes off please reach a tournament administrator to issue you a new one once we check your records again, This process must be repeated the next day if your teams advances to the quarter finals or finals, remember a registration table will be set up for these documents please have them ready for us that way the process goes a lot faster and we can send you on your way.

Thank you all