2019 Softball and Baseball Registration

Mail in registration is still available.  Please print out the form below and mail it in.

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Bat Disclaimer/Info

Minors and Majors Divisions will be REQUIRED to use the new USA Baseball guideline for bats for the 2019 season. ONLY BATS that are USABat certified will be allowed at these levels. For specific details from USA Baseball, CLICK HERE

Pony Division will not be required to use the new USA Guideline for bats for the 2019 season.  Though this applies for the 2019 season, this may change as soon as 2020.  Thus, CFYB is NOT making any recommendations for bat purchases for the 2019 season for the Pony Division.  Please purchase bats at your own risk as your purchase has the possibility of only being allowed for 1 year.


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Parking Information

DO NOT use the Mayo Clinic lot as that is reserved for Mayo Clinic patients and employees.

Please use the Hockey Arena parking lot for all CFYB events.

Also for Pony, Coach Pitch & T-Ball, please utilize the open field off of State Street, across from the Pony field.

Any questions, please let us know.


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