• CFYL FAMILY MEETING JULY 9TH at 6pm at New Life Church in Bellville - ALL ARE WELCOME!
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Please plan to attend a meeting on July 9th at 6pm at New Life Church of Christ in Bellville. Agenda is to discuss the success' and obstacles for the 2018 season. We welcome all coaches, parents, and volunteers to attend to help us gather information for the 2019 season. We look forward to growing stronger each year with the help of the baseball family here in the Valley! Please plan to attend if you have any feedback or are interested in helping to improve the program.


The current Agenda is as follows. (This is not complete - we wanted to provide the public with as much information as possible prior to the meeting - updates will be made to this agenda up until the meeting start time of 6pm on July 9th)

      1. Open issues

    1. Contract Renewals

    (1)Field prep/management – Currently Craig Smith @

  1. *It is suggested that this is moved to a volunteer position and the $ be allocated to improvements/updates to the grounds. Surrounding successful programs have shared with board members that coaches are responsible for lining and preparing fields prior to games.

  2. *Nominations or Volunteers taken:


    (2) Lawn care – Currently Sharp Lawn Care @$2400/season

    *Jay Vail is willing to donate this service next year on 3 conditions: (1) mower is serviced (2) gas is covered (3) money saved goes towards new/upgraded batting cages

    (3) Apparel – Currently Valley Sportswear @

    *Would we be willing to recycle uniforms for a season to save $ towards upgrades/improvements? (Equipment manager would be responsible for collecting/storing)


    (4) Concessions – Currently Lions Club @10% return donation to CFYL 

    2. Pitch Count Rules Review for 2019

    3. Tournament Rules/Dates for 2019

    4. Communication methods/Improvements

    Suggestions on a program/method to use to ensure all participants receive information.

    CF/F                                                                               CF/Parents


    CF/Coaches                                                                   Coaches/Parents

    5. Who’s coming back? Taking nominations for empty positions for the 2019 CFYL season.

    Officers: 2019 (3year term)

    CFYL President: Jay Vail (year2)

    Vice President: Mike Hoeflich (year2)

    Treasurer: ____________________________

    Equipment Manager: David Myers (year2)

    Secretary/Marketing Manager:____________

    Softball President: Josh Smith(year2)

    Softball Vice President:________________

    Commissioner:2019 (1year term)


    8U Baseball:___________________

    10U Baseball:__________________

    12U Baseball:__________________

    8U Softball:____________________

    10U Softball:___________________

    12U Softball:___________________

    6.Looking for a volunteer to research Grants/other avenues for improvements and updates to the ball fields

    Attend meetings and petition the village to have the parks and recreation department take care of the mowing/grounds. Other communities conduct recreation leagues this way, we need to look more into this as well as other federal and state grants that may be available for funding.