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Every player wants to score more goals, make the starting lineup, speed past a defender, and have dazzling footwork…...Confuse opponents with great change of direction, stop and start and feint moves....Make the right move at the right time……you zig, opponents zag and BOOM your team has a shot on goal....Attack and defend well along with team mates.
...Take players on confidently when you have to....Be quick with and without the ball....Be tough in defense and attack....Be poised and confident, physically and mentally ready for the toughest challenges.

Champions Soccer Academy trains you to do just that!

Our Philosophy

Champions Soccer Academy is a complete private soccer training program which focuses on individual player development. The core of our method is achieving Individual Foot Skill Mastery™. Most players and parents never understand the precise physical and mental characteristics that define elite play. We do. Being able to control the ball and deliver a pinpoint-accurate pass to the foot of a teammate while under high pressure are essential skills to becoming an effective player of this game.

Champions training sessions are constructed based on over 30 years of soccer experience including national and professional levels. Our training uses match-related drills to develop quick feet and a confident first touch as the foundation of our moves. Sessions are spirited and competitive while reinforcing individual skills and encouraging creative play.

Champions Individual Foot Skill Mastery™ is about building confidence through the awareness of space, time and pressure while achieving total control over the ball. Beating an opponent or creating time and space appear simple but only happens consistently after mastery of both.

Our intent is to challenge every player to improve to the extent of their own ability. In the end our measure is the ability to develop first touch and ball control under pressure that enable any of three positive outcomes in offensive play:

1) Create time and space,

2) Attack and advance towards goal, or

3) Create a scoring opportunity on goal. 

Training for Performance

FOOT SKILLS MASTERY™: 1 player 1 ball. Repetition ball control exercises with both feet. Builds coordination, agility and confidence.

RECEIVING / PASSING: Exercises and games to improve the first touch and to encourage accurate and creative passing.

MOVES: Exercises and games that teach game winning individual moves and create time and space against packed defenses.

1 v 1: Build confidence, ability, and timing to take on defenders in all areas of the field. Learn when and where to apply the moves and angles of attack.

FINISHING: Exercises and games that improve technique and encourage instinctive play around the goal. Build confidence in front of the goal.

Our Sessions

Our program offers four options:

The first option entering our program are the INDIVIDUAL sessions. These sessions are customized to develop the player in a one-on-one environment. They focus on personal training and complete individual Foot Skills Mastery™.

The second option is a SMALL GROUP sessions. These sessions are designed to enhance small sided play, creativity, and multiple player activities in addition to continued development of the Foot Skills Mastery™ program.

Next we offer TEAM sessions. These sessions are based on the needs of the team utilizing the principles of play for attacking and defending.

Finally we offer our GAME PERFORMANCE CONSULTING program. This program is an evaluation of a player in game situations. The formal evaluation provides insight to player tendencies and gives direct feedback on future training sessions of the player.

All our programs provide training necessary to achieve next level performance for club, high school, college, or professional play.

Contact Peter for an elite a session today:

Peter Orona