2019 Board Members Announced

Hilliary Burns President
Jonathan Berkley Vice President
Whitney Shaffer Treasurer
Dale Robinson Secretary
Jacob Knigge Player Safety Coordinator
Elyce Emily Volunteer Coordinator
Stephanie Gogel Concession Stand Manager
Nick Shaw Equipment Coordinator
Elyce Emily Player Information Coordinator
Jeremy Duncan Advising Board Member
Open Position Sponsorship Coordinator

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Sponsors Needed!

The CLPYFA is run ENTIRELY through the gracious donation of time and sponsorships from many individuals. Without them, there would be no league, no teams, and no games. We are officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which means your donation to the CLPYFA is tax-exempt (consult your advisor, of course)! 

If you own a business (or work for one!) that would be interested in joining Little Pirate Football as a Program Supporter, please let us know! We truly would be lost without the support of our community and local businesses, and have developed some exciting new opportunities! Please click here for the Program Supporter Form


For any sponsorship questions or assistance, please feel free to contact Hilliary Burns, President, at 812-670-0014.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of Little Pirate Football!



Equipment Collection


The football equipment your player received from Charlestown Little Pirate Football Association (CLPYFA) is the property of CLPYFA and must be returned at the end of the season. All equipment should have been turned in immediately following the Oct. 15th games. If you still have equipment that belongs to the league, please contact Hilliary Burns at 812-670-0014. If your child used any special/personal equipment (chin straps, back pads, visors, etc.), please ensure these are removed prior to return. Of course, game Jerseys and socks belong to the players.

Equipment primarily refers to: 
• Helmet • Shoulder Pads • Game Pants • Pads for Pants

Players with outstanding equipment also will not be allowed to register for next season.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Text Alerts

Ever wonder if a game or practice is cancelled due to heat index, storms, etc.? Please click here for details on our modified email/text alert system! Thanks!

The Charlestown Little Pirate Youth Football Association is proud
to affiliate with USA Football and the Heads Up Football Program!

Working together to make Football a better, safer game!

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