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April 1, 2019

2019-2020 Season Updates

2nd Team Listed = Home Team
Please use BENCHAPP to confirm your attendance for your team rep!

Sunday October, 13
Game #1 - 6:30PM: Quik Chek vs. Cardinal Painting
Game #2 - 7:45PM: #liveliekgregg vs. Wilkinsons
BYE: Modern Pharmacy

Wednesday, October 16
Game #1 - 8:30PM: Cardinal Painting vs. Wilkinsons
Game #2 - 9:45PM: Modern Pharmacy vs. #livelikegregg
BYE: Quick Chek 


  • WEBSITE, STATS & SCHEDULES: The board has made the decision to move from this website to a new app-based system called BENCHAPP. Once you have this app you will be able to see your schedule, confirm your attendance, track stats, communicate with your team, confirm drink duty, etc. You should have received a text link from your team rep or a board member to join your assigned team and confirm your attendance. You can then download the app from the APPLE STORE(iPHONE) or GOOGLE PLAY(Droid). *WE WILL NO LONGER BE POSTING INFORMATION ON THIS SITE AFTER OCTOBER 17, 2019. Printed schedules will be available once rotations are set and supplied to team reps.
  • DRAFT & TEAMS: The 2019-2020 Draft took place on Sunday, October 6. Your team rep should have contacted you to inform you of what team you are on as well as your first game time. CLICK HERE to view the rosters w/ contact information.
  • PAYMENTS: All drafted players have been set up for billing according to the payment option you chose when you registered. The first payments are due on SUNDAY, OCT. 13. Check your email for your bill and bring cash, check or credit card information to the rink with you and take care of payment before you skate with either Derek Jenkins or Nate King. Remember, NO PAY = NO PLAY
  • PERSONAL CONDUCT: By participating in SAMHL it is the mutual understanding that player safety is paramount. We have players at all different age and ability levels and all of us have careers and families to provide for where personal injury could affect our livelihoods and health. Incidental/accidental contact happens occasionally in a non-checking league but malicious or unsafe play will be dealt with consistently and will have repercussions including loss of playing time or all-out suspension from the league. Please respect your teammates, opposing players, referees, scorekeepers and management and enjoy the sport as its meant to be played.
  • GRIEVANCES/COMPLAINTS: Your board members work very hard to organize this league and provide this opportunity of rec hockey in Cheboygan for all of you. That being said, the board members also want to show up and enjoy their games and the locker room fun just like the rest of the players in the league. If you have an issue/complaint, please address this with your team representative and they will then address this with a board member.
  • SUPPORTING OUR SPONSORS: This year we have all new team sponsors which are all local businesses. Please support them like they support us if possible by either thanking them or being a customer.
    • Team Sponsors (2019-2022):
      • Cardinal Painting, Duncan City Pizza, Rivertown Do-It Center
      • Quik Chek, Dukes Dogs, Top Notch Total Tree Service
      • E.F. Wilkinson & Sons, Mullett Lake Marina, Pub 27
      • #LiveLikeGregg (Kwiatkowski Family), Mulligan's, Black Sheep
      • Modern Pharmacy, Nauti Inn Barstro, Secrets on Main
  • LOCKER ROOM RULES: Please keep the locker rooms clean and please don't linger for too long if you have the late game (or feel the wrath of Craig Coxe). We now have some local team sponsors that would be more than happy to have your business if you would like a beverage after the game. Please put empties in the proper receptacle, not in the trash cans.
    • Hat Trick Rule: A single player may score no more than 3 goals in a regulation game. If a player scores after the 3 goal limit, it is a no goal and a faceoff will take place near the net of team that the no-goal was scored upon. This rule is waived for overtime period during playoffs.
    • 3-Min Penalty: As we play with a running clock, all minor penalties are now 3 minutes.