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Team & Parents: This is a Varsity level team with that goes Varsity level expectations.

Together we will maintain a great program! It will take dedication, discipline and motivation. We will work hard to learn solid stunts that will make you stronger athletes while entertain our audience. You're living a little girl’s dream of being a high school cheerleader. What could be better than supporting your school in uniform, cheering on your school basketball friends? I expect nothing but 100% of you when you are with me (practice, game or event).  I also expect you to remember that you represent the whole team when you are in school. You are ambassadors to the TRHS community even when you leave campus. Little girls will watch your every move at games, don’t forget what you did when you were little, what do you want them to remember? What one girl does the whole team will be associated with, so do good things. Make your school proud! 


                     All our time is very valuable and precious.

                     If it is on the schedule it is mandatory

                     Practice runs from 3:25-5(5:30) which allows you time to change, have a snack, meet with a teacher or other club, and get taped by the trainer, etc.There are a few evening practices- please see calendar.

                     DO NOT schedule anything during practice time. Times change according to AD. 

                     Parents -Practice time is for that only. It is not a time to meet with the coach or to talk to your student athlete. Please make plans accordingly. Please respect the time I have with your daughters. Do not come in expecting to have time to meet.

                     Schedule all appointments outside our of practice time. All athletes are required to attend the 3 practices in order to be game ready. If you are tardy, dismissed early or are absent you will not be considered for the weekend event. This no different than any other sport.

                 Game meeting time TBD ( Do nothing physical without a coach present. NO bridges, jumps, stunts or tumbling. )


Please read the rules -HANDBOOK in left menu.

-All practices, fundraisers, planned events are mandatory.

-Athletes, not parents must call the coach: one hour prior to start time, please leave me a message if I cannot answer

-Emails and texts while informative are not equivalent to an actual phone call. I want to speak to athletes in person. This shows your responsibility and commitment to the team. Lets empower our athletes.!

-Absences/Tardies received by text or email are unacceptable

-Each absence = sit one game

-Excused absences - illness or funeral, religious holiday (coming back after illnesses, while present in school, athletes may still need to sit out the game to recuperate)

          All unexcused misses =  are skips. Probation or removal from the team.

         Intentional misses are those other than illness, bereavement or observed religious holidays

All tardys other than getting help from a teacher = sit a portion of the next game. Bring a note from your teacher.

You made a commitment to this team and the team needs and wants you!

Other than family ( but does mean taking your little brother out for ice cream on his birthday)

1st  School ( we start practice most days at 3:30, plenty of time to meet with project groups, talk to teachers, start homework, etc.)

2nd - TRHS Cheerleading (Bona-fide Member Rule MSSAA)

3rd - others activities, sports teams and jobs, etc. 


There is a lot to remember, when in doubt check the website I have provided for the team. Most handouts will be uploaded as well as schedules and revisions. The website will prove to be a great tool!

                                                We look forward to a great season ~ cheerfully,

                                                            Coach Nadine Holohan