Last Updated: April 9, 2016
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  • "Once you have wrestled, everything in life is easier" Dan Gable
  • "More enduringly than any other sport,
  • wrestling teaches self-control and pride.
  • Some have wrestled without great skill,
  • none have wrestled without pride"- Dan Gable

CYW Uniform Return


CYW Parents & Wrestlers,

We have scheduled the uniform and singlet return for Friday night April 8 from 5-8PM at the Pop Warner Field House(After Marshwoods) 

Please take some time to get the items together and wash them, as we will be putting them away for the year. We hope the kids really appreciated and liked the uniforms as much as we the adults do. They really are the best dressed team in the state and frankly New England. Big Thank you to all the parents that help out all year, you are the reason they have these uniforms!!

Please remember we only want to maintain the amount we have and do not want to charge anyone so please make sure you make it down.


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