2019 Board Elections  March 28th

6:00 TO 8:00 

Williams school 






In order to be eligible to run for a position on the Board of Directors, an Association member must be in good standings on the organization past and present (All monies paid).You must notify the Chelsea Pop Warner Organization within forty-eight (48) hours of the election date @ 





Please Be aware that being on the board is a full time commitment, in season and off . Not only will you full fill your board position but must also be willing to help where ever is needed.  




Detail of Position are as follow:





 Shall receive/deposit all funds incoming to the ASSOCIATION. Shall submit a budget for the upcoming season. The Treasurer, at the direction of the Board, shall pay all debts owed by the ASSOCIATION out of ASSOCIATION funds. Shall maintain accurate records and report in writing the fiscal state of the ASSOCIATION at all regular meetings, in addition will provide on a regular basis a weekly report of deposits and expenses. Shall be the head of registration collections, dues, and any other matters concerning monies. At the end of each fiscal year (February 28) the Treasurer shall present a complete fiscal report to the Board of Directors.The Treasurer may appoint an assistant, (non board member) with the approval of the Board, who may assume the duties of the Treasurer due to his/her absence or incapacity.The term for this position is 2 years.





Shall distribute and collect all practice and game equipment and uniforms to the respective teams, players, football players and coaches of the ASSOCIATION. Shall maintain an accurate inventory of all of the equipment and uniforms of the ASSOCIATION. Shall reacquisition all equipment needed for the season and presents it to the BOD for approval. Shall obtain a staff (non-board members) to assist him/her in these duties. Any and all purchases must be approved by the Board of Directors. This is a one year term. The Assistant football equipment manager Shall help the Equipment Manager in the duties of distributing and collecting of equipment. Shall assist with football issues, when needed. This is a 1 year term 






Shall manage the concession stand at the practice field, game field, exhibitions or competitions where the ASSOCIATION is allowed to sell food and beverages. With the approval of the Board, will purchase and maintain sufficient amount of food and beverages at the above named events for the purpose of their resale. Will submit a weekly report of all expenses and profits, in addition to giving weekly deposits to the Treasurer. Will submit a price list for the season and the BOD will approve it. All monies collected in the concessions will be by a BOD. The Concession Manager will set up a volunteer schedule for up- coming events/games. Must obtain a staff (minimum 2 people on board members) with Board approval to assist in these duties. Any and all purchases must be approved by the Board of Directors. This is a one year term.






Shall oversee all football operations and coordinate all practices for the football teams, conduct registration for the football players, prepare the paperwork for player certification. Will be the assist the liaison between the football coaches, parent representative and the Board of Directors.Must be present for all home and away games. The football coaching coordinator can’t hold a head coaching position. Only by default (head coach quits) may the coordinator be a head coach. This is a one year term.





 Shall review and calculate all American eligibility and complete the necessary applications. Shall distribute applications to the participants who qualify for All American and then will collect completed applications to forward to Pop Warner Little Scholars. Shall attend the Scholastic Banquet as the Associations Rep. e) Shall be responsible for collecting progress reports from participants who are under Scholastic eligibility and verifying they are still able to participate in the program based on grades. f) This is a 1 year term




Director of Player Safety

Shall attend all safety meetings held by Pop Warner and shall be up to date will all testing needed for player safety. Shall keep updated records of injuries to all participants during practices and games.  Shall attend all home games and assist where ever needed. Will work with Coaches for game day needs, chain crews, first aid material, equipment checks, etc...  Will keep up with first aid kits and have an evacuation plan for home games and practices. This is a 1 year term






Shall distribute, collect and order uniforms, cheer curls and sneakers. Shall assist the Cheerleader Coordinator with any and all duties including but not limited to registration, preparation of player certification and paperwork, scheduling practices, providing board representation at away games. Shall maintain an accurate inventory of all of the uniforms of the ASSOCIATION. Will obtain a staff (non board members) to assist him/her in these duties. Any and all purchases must be approved by the Board of Directors. This is a one year term.






Shall coordinate all fundraising (mandatory and Optional) (canning, dances, etc...) Including any fundraising needed for teams advancing to Nationals.

Shall submit a weekly report of all monies collected, in addition to giving weekly deposits of monies collected to the Treasurer. Shall present options of fundraising ideas and a schedule for the year to the BOD for their approval. Will be in charge of the on-line merchandise store and any merchandise that will be sold at games and practices. Shall obtain a staff of three persons, (non board members) the staff shall not exceed more than five persons. This is a one year term. at practices (inside and outside) home games, and the on-line store. This is a one year term.





 Shall Set-up any in-person registrations Shall work with the secretary to coordinate communications about registration events, website, and news papers. Shall communicate regularly with the President and BOD regarding registration status Shall collect all paperwork and tracks outstanding items, contacts participants for missing items, and helps assemble books.


 This is a 1 year term

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