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Winter 2019/2020

October 24, 2019

Winter Tryouts are to be held November 18, 19th and 20th.  If football is still playing, we overlap seasons.

Each candidate will be graded on the cheer, dance, tumbling and jumps.  Then a review will be made on stunts groups available.  Then a third determination will be made on the conflicts that a student athlete may have.  If there are conflicts with the competition schedule, irregardless of the skill level, then an athlete may be considered for an alternate position, if we decide on alternates.  

As always, our goal is to work with each student athlete to achieve their potential.

Tryout packages will be distributed at practices and will be available in the front office and posted in by October 31st;  Anyone who would like to meet with me prior to tryouts, please contact me via email and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss any concerns.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions:

Thank you,

Coach Renee


A very big congratulations to our team.    This was a great team that peaked at the right time.