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Season Rankings

Top Rankings

#1.  Empire  (9-2)   Off Rank   Def Rank  Streak 

Grade B+                8th(729)    5th(665)  Won4

Baez has put together a winning recipe with this Empire team that will enter the post season as the top overall seed. Empire's roster is loaded from front court to back court. They may be the league's most polarizing team next to Aftermath...Simmons' presence may be key for their title run.        


#2 Sho Nuff  (9-3)  Off Rank  Def Rank  Streak

Grade A-                5th(793)    12th(752)  W-1


#3 Axs Points (8-3)  Off Rank  Def Rank  Streak

Grade A                    3rd(816)   7th(710)     W-2


#4 Zoned Out (8-4) Off Rank  Def Rank  Streak  

Grade B-                  4th(800)   6th(706)   W-1



#5 Hitmen (8-4)     Off Rank  Def Rank   Streak  

Grade B                  #1(902)   16th(809)     W-3



#6 Sabotage (7-3)   Off Rank  Def Rank   Streak  

Grade B                   #11(648)  *2nd(594)     W-2 


#7 Aftermath (6-5)    Off Rank  Def Rank   Streak  

Grade C-                   2nd(838)  14th(804)   L-2